2017 Annual Competition Trophy Winners (Click on image for larger view)

The Full Results can be downloaded by clicking here (Microsoft Excel Format)

“The Frenzy” Pauline Pentony Northallerton CC

Overall Best Photograph in All Sections


Diamond Trophy: Best Projected Digital Image

“The Frenzy” Pauline Pentony Northallerton CC

“Fighting Stallions” by Julie Walker Keswick PS

Weir Trophy – Best Colour Print

“Fighting Stalions” by Julie Walker Keswick PS

“Sad to See it Go” by Pax Garabedian Carlisle CC

Federation Challenge Cup: Best Mono Print

“Sad To See It Go” by Pax Garabedian Carlisle CC

“Met in a Dream” by Joe Grabham Durham PS

Pinkney Trophy: Best Human Portrait Mono Print

“Met in a Dream” by Joe Graham Durham PS

“Dungeness Old Lighthousel” by Gerald Chamberlin Morton PS

Galloway Rose Bowl: Best Landscape Mono Print 

“Dungeness Old Lighthouse” by Gerald Chamberlin Morton PS

“Bow Fidle Rock” by Ken Rennie Keswick PS

Norman Jeffcoat Trophy: Best Landscape 

“Bow Fiddle Rock” by Ken Rennie Keswick PS

“Girl from the Top Floor” by Joe Grabham Durham PS

Ken Henderson Trophy Best Human Portrait 

“Girl from the Top Floor” by Joe Grabham Durham PS

“Problem Child” by Angy Ellis Durham PS

Bill Grier Trophy: Best Creative Print (Mono or Colour)

“Problem Child” by Angie Ellis Durham PS

“Red Fox Pair on Snow Bank” by John McFarlane Keswick PS

Alf Shoebottom Trophy: Best Nature Print (Mono or Colour) 

“Red Fox Pair on Snow Bank” by John McFarlane Keswick PS

“The Try” by Alan Walker Keswick PS

PAGB Word Cup – Best Sport Print

“The Try” by Alan Walker Keswick PS

“Beauty” Pauline Pentony Northallerton CC

Bryan Gilbert Trophy: Best Human Portrait PDI 

“Beauty” Pauline Pentony Northallerton CC

“Tranquil Blyth” Steve McDonald Morpeth CC

Thomas Bates Trophy: Best Landscape PDI 

“Tranquil Blyth” Steve McDonald Morpeth CC

“City Life” Joe Grabham Durham PS

Hilton Trophy: Best Creative PDI 

“City Life” by Joe Graham Durham PS

“Puma Stalking its Prey” by Alan Walker Keswick PS

Vickers Trophy: Best Nature PDI 

“Puma Stalking its Prey” Alan Walker

Keswick PS

“Sprint to the Finish” Robert Campion Gosforth CC

Eagle Trophy Best Sport Image DPI

“Sprint to the Finish” Robert Campion Gosforth CC

“Cold Convergence” by Ray McIver Whitley Bay PS

Robert Chalmers Trophy: Best Beginners Print

“Cold Convergence” by Ray McIver Whitley Bay PS

‘Self” by Jeffrey Lear Richmond CC

Jane Black Trophy: Best Beginners PDI 

“Self” by Jeffrey Lear Richmond CC

Corder Trophy For the best club entry of Monochrome Prints

Winners Keswick PS with 75 points 

‘The Pearls” by Keith Snell
“Snow Monkey and Baby” by John MacFarlane
“The Guard” by Alan Walker
“The Try” by Alan Walker
“Stowe Gardens” by Julie Walker
“The Gardener” by Julie Walker

Bewick Trophy for the best club entry of Colour Prints

Winners Keswick PS with 85 Points

“Golden Eagle and Hare” by Alan Walker
“Subway Confrontation” by Alan Walker
“Cape Wrath Rocks and Waves” by John MacFarlane
“Red Fox Pair on Snow Bank” by John MacFarlane
“Fast Asleep in Hot Spring” by Rosamund MacFarlane
“Fighting Stallions” by Julie Walker

Myles Audas Memorial Trophy for the best club Projected Digital Images

Winners Keswick PS with 86 points

“Stellers Sea Eagle” John MacFarlane
“Redshank Defending her Nest by Keith Snell
“Green Parrot Snake” by Alan Walker
“Redeyed Tree Frog” by Julie Walker
“Puma Stalking its Prey” by Alan Walker
“Giving Chase” Julie Walker

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