Stan Walls APAGB Diamond Jubilee


To commemorate the occasion of his diamond jubilee of membership of the Society and to celebrate his long service and give thanks and appreciation for all the hard work that Stan had done for them on their behalf the Society in secret had a suitably engraved piece of glass which was presented to Stan by the President Mr Phil Dunn at the Society’s Annual Presentation of Awards Evening held in the Catholic Club, South Shields.

Stan had joined the Society in 1955 and by 1960 was elected to Committee. In 1963 he took up the post of Treasurer which he occupied continually for fifty two years until he stood down from the post a few weeks ago. Despite his duties as Treasurer he was elected Vice President in 1974 – 1975 and succeeded to President in 1976 – 1978 and continued to carry out the duties in both offices.


In 2000 he was awarded a Hon APAGB for his meritorious service to photography.