Rolls of Honour

The NCPF grants two separate honours to individual members of affiliated clubs, in recognition of those who have given singular service to the Federation.

Honorary Life Vice-President of the NCPF

This was created in 2003 to be the highest honour that NCPF could bestow and very strict conditions were laid down.  There must never be more than 3 in existence at any one time.  It is awarded for “Exceptional Service”, which briefly, must include 40 years club membership with a minimum of 20 years service to the Federation, including at least 3 Executive ‘Officer’ Posts (excluding Area Reps and Elected Members) or exceptionally long service in a lesser number of posts.  The holder becomes an ex-officio member of the Executive and receives a badge of office.  The Honour is granted by a AGM upon the recommendation of the Executive and is for life.

Honorary Life Vice-President   Awarded
Stan Bewick AFIAP APSA APAGB (Tynemouth PS) 2003

NCPF Roll of Honour

This is the actual “Roll of Honour”, to which members can be elected at an AGM, upon the recommendation of the Executive.  The honour was created in 2012 to recognise “Creditable Service” to the Federation. In brief this means at least 30 years service to their club, and/or at least 15 years service to the Federation; this latter must include at least 2 Executive Posts served with credit.  Other service such as Judging, Lecturing and Sub-committee work shall be taken into account.  Apart from the inaugural year, there may be no more than two persons elected to “NCPF Roll of Honour” each year.  Recipients are elected for life and are presented with a scroll.

NCPF Roll of Honour   Awarded
Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p APSA EPSA MPAGB APAGB (Northallerton CC) 2014
Colin Hall ARPS APAGB (Gateshead CC) 2012
T. H. Morrison ARPS APAGB (Newcastle upon Tyne PS) 2012
Leo Palmer FRPS FPSA EFIAP APAGB (Hexham PS) 2012
Alan Porrett ARPS AFIAP DPAGB APAGB (Whitley Bay PS) 2012
Vince Rooker ARPS DPAGB EFIAP APAGB (Morpeth CC) 2012
John Smith AFIAP APAGB (Gateshead CC)  2012


1.    Nominations, together with citations, and signed by the proposer and two referees, must be made in the strictest confidence and without the knowledge of the candidate, to the President using the prescribed form (available from the President).

2.    The President will then convene the Honours Sub-committee, consisting of the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President and any Honorary Life Vice-Presidents to consider the nomination(s) and prepare recommendations for submitting to the Executive for approval.  Voting for the NCPF Roll of Honour should be by two thirds majority and for Honorary Life Vice-Presidents by a unanimous vote.

3.    For the purposes of both these awards, the offices of Vice-President, President and Immediate Past President are to be considered as one office.

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