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The PAGB is the umbrella organisation for the fifteen regional federations that cover the whole of the United Kingdom. The NCPF is one of those regional federations. Amongst its other activities PAGB organises a number of competitions, which are designed either as Inter-Federation events or Inter-Club events. This page seeks to give an overview of them and to provide useful links for those who want more information. Information on the actual results each year will appear in the News pages of this web site, usually on the “PAGB e-news” page.


There are two of these held each year and each Federation submits entries to them. Whilst set up by the PAGB they are actually hosted and organised by individual Federations on a rota basis. Known colloquially as the Alliance Competitions they are more properly called:-

1.PAGB Inter-Federation Print Competition and Exhibition

This is usually held round about June each year and is divided into two Sections: Monochrome Prints and Colour Prints. Each Federation is entitled to enter a maximum number of prints into each section. This number is arrived at via a calculation based on the number of clubs affiliated to that federation. Each Federation has its own way by which its entry is chosen or selected. In the case of the NCPF we use a panel of NCPF Judges to select our entry from Prints submitted to our NCPF Annual Competitions in the early spring of each year.

The Judging is done by a panel of Judges taken from the PAGB Judges List. The scores in each section are totalled up then averaged out by the number of entries a Federation has submitted, thus giving a proportionate score to achieve the winner of the Section. The winner of the Monochrome Section is awarded the “Keighley Trophy” and the winner of the Colour Section the “Stirling Trophy”. There are also individual awards for individual entries. An exhibition is selected during the judging and the authors of those prints selected receive a certificate in recognition. The Exhibition is then displayed at various locations in the UK over the ensuing months.

2. PAGB Inter-Federation Projected Image Competition

This is usually held in October each year and is open to Projected Digital Images only. There are two Sections, a General and a Nature Section. The structure so far as selection and submission and judging of entries is much the same as for the Print Competition described above. Similarly the entries from the NCPF are also selected from entries into the NCPF Annual Competitions each year. In this case the winning federation is awarded the “Arthur Downes Trophy”

PLEASE NOTE:- That the above description of the Alliance Competitions is correct for 2013. However the structure and timing of the two competitions is to be changed for 2014 with the two being merged into one event held in June.  For full details please see edition 90 of “PAGB “e-news”, via the right hand panel of this page.


As the name implies these are competitions between clubs. Unlike the Inter-Federation Competitions these events are open to individual club members and regularly attract audiences in the hundreds. Information on obtaining tickets is available through your Federation and will appear on this web site, usually via “PAGB e-news” pages.

1. The Projected Digital Image Club Championships

This event is held in July each year at the Art Centre of Warwick University, near Coventry and is often colloquially know as the “Warwick Championship”.

2. The PAGB Print Club Championship

This event is held towards the end of October each year at Deesside College at Connah’s Quay in North Wales and is often referred to simply “Connah’s Quay”.

Two clubs can be entered by each federation to each of these events and those federations usually have their own Competitions to select the clubs that will represent them. In the case of the NCPF the winners and the runners up of the PDI Section of our NCPF Club Championships are invited to represent us at Warwick, whilst the winners and runners up in the Prints Section are similarly invited to go to Connah’s Quay. In addition the finalists from the previous year’s events are also invited; meaning that in the region of 38 clubs can be taking part. The Judging is by scoring machine and takes place over two initial rounds from which eight finalists are found. There is then a third and final round to arrive at a winner. Secondary competitions for those clubs that do not reach the final rounds are also included in each day’s events. Trophies and medals are awarded to the winners and runners up and there are awards for the best images and also individual judge’s awards.


This is a relatively new competition designed for Digital Projected Images and is based on club entries. There are three sections:

i) an OPEN Section to which all clubs can enter.

ii) a SMALL CLUBS Section for smaller clubs, and

iii) a NATURE Section that is again open to all clubs, but which has provision for smaller clubs.

This event is held at the start at of the year, usually in January and the organisers hold the details of interested Club Competition Secretaries via whom they circulate details. You will also find those details on this site in the PAGB “e-news” pages and the necessary information, rules and entry forms can be down loaded from the PAGB web site.

For more information and downloads regarding these events go to the PAGB web site at:-


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