PAGB Awards For Photographic Merit Results

On Saturday 22/4/2016 and Sunday 23/4/2016 the PAGB Awards For Photographic Merit were held at The Joseph Swan Academy Gateshead Tyne & Wear, having been hosted on this occasion by the NCPF. All went well thanks to the outstanding organisational effort made by John Twizell of the NCPF Executive. We are delighted to report the success of members of NCPF clubs who gained distinctions and especially pleased to have two members achieving very impressive MPAGB distinctions.

Members of NCPF clubs who gained distinctions were as follows:-

Members attaining MPAGB

1) Neil Maughan MPAGB ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB Durham PS

2) Alan Walker MPAGB ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Keswick PS

Members attaining CPAGB

1) Tim Booth CPAGB Carlisle CC

2) Pauline Pentony CPAGB ARPS Northallerton CC

3) Mark Petherbridge CPAGB Guisburgh PG