Northern Counties members gain FIAP Distinctions

Five members of Northern Counties are to be congratulated this year. They were among those from the rest of the UK who have been awarded Distinctions by FIAP for their success in entering International Exhibitions patronised by FIAP. Click the read more link for further information and images.


Two members from Durham PS, Alison Coatsworth and Sue Stewart were each successful in their applications for AFIAP (Associate of FIAP). To achieve this they each had to gain at least forty acceptances from at least 15 different pictures and these had to be spread over exhibitions from no less than eight different countries.


John Thompson of Alnwick CC achieved EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) by achieving over 250 acceptances with over 50 different pictures gained from at least 30 salons spread across 20 different countries.


Just to prove how successful Durham PS members are in recent times, two more of their members, Joe Grabham and Neil Maughan, were awarded the EFIAP Silver Distinction. To achieve this, having already achieved EFIAP, they had in addition to have gained 150 acceptances from a further 50 different pictures and to have gained at least four awards in four different countries.


These are remarkable achievements and they are all to be congratulated for their efforts and successes. We publish here successful pictures from each of them.


Steetley by Alison Coatsworth


Sandprints by Sue Stewart

Eyeing London

Eyeing London by john Thompson

The Woman Behind the Man

The Woman Behind the Man by Joe Grabham

Family Of Four

Family Of Four by Neil Maughan