Northern Area Projected Image Knockout Competition


The Northern Area Projected Image Knockout Competition between the Northern Area Clubs was held on Sunday 20th November 2016. This event was hosted by Wooler Camera Club and the judging panel consisted of Joseph Duffy and David Stout of Whickham CC and Patrick Sheard of Wooler CC.

Wooler CC and Ashington CC did not enter this competition therefore only five of the seven Northern Area Clubs took part.

After the first round Alnwick scored 174 points and Cambois scored 167. Morpeth scored 164, Blyth scored 160 and Amble scored 142. Because there were only five clubs in the competition no one was eliminated after the first round. Alnwick and Cambois competed for the Knockout Trophy and Morpeth, Blyth and Amble competed for the Digital Plate. In the second round Morpeth scored 178 points, Blyth scored 172 and Amble scored 154. Morpeth were declared the winners of the Plate. In round three Alnwick scored 179 points and Cambois scored 175. Alnwick were declared winners of the Trophy.

Congratulations to Alnwick and Morpeth for their respective wins. Congratulations also to Alan Wennington of Blyth PS as his image entitled Kingfisher was the only one in the competition to gain the highest score of 15 points.

The event was well attended by all of the clubs who took part and the members of Wooler provided an excellent buffet afterwards. My thanks to the Wooler members for an enjoyable afternoon and also to the three judges for their constructive marking throughout.

Northern Area Representative


“Kingfisher” Alan Wennington, Blyth PS