Northern Area Interclub Colour & Monochrome Print Competition

The Northern Area Interclub Colour & Monochrome Print Competition between Alnwick, Amble, Ashington, Blyth, Cambois and Morpeth was held on Thursday 27th October 2016. This event was hosted by Amble Photographic Group and judged by Anne Swearman.

The winning club for the second year in a row was Alnwick with a top score of 206 points. In 2nd place was Amble with 201 points, 3rd place was Blyth with 199 points, 4th place was Cambois with 197 points, 5th place was Ashington with 192 points and 6th place was Morpeth with 177 points. The print gaining the highest score of 30 points in the colour section was ‘Venetian Sunrise’ by John Thompson of Alnwick Camera Club. The print gaining 30 points in the monochrome section was ‘Eric the Viking’ by Keith Talbot of Cambois Camera Club.

The host club provided an excellent buffet and raffle afterwards. Thanks to the members of Amble and Anne Swearman for an entertaining and enjoyable evening. Congratulations also to John Thompson and Keith Talbot for their winning prints.

Northern Area Representative


Venetian Sunrise by John Thompson Alnwick CC