North Yorkshire and South Durham Inter Club Competitions

Hosted by the Gallery Photogroup this year, the North Yorkshire and South Durham region held its presentation night on 25th November 2016 for the annual competitions for individual and interclub prints and DPIs.

For the first time the interclub prints’ judge – Tony Worobiec – gave his comments before a live audience in the the Acklam Green Centre in Middlesbrough. The audience was highly appreciative of his presentation. Also presented were recordings of the judges’ comments for the  DPI and individual prints and DPI competitions whilst the images were displayed.

Congratulations to Stokesley Photographic Society who were the overall winners of the combined Inter club prints and Inter club DPI competitions. Gallery Photo Group won the Inter Club prints competition and Stockton Camera Club were victors in the Inter Club DPI competition.

A table of winners is shown below with the winning images





1 Overall Society Stokesley PS

Prints166.5 pts

DPI 144 pts

Total 310.5 pts

2 Inter Club Prints

Judged by Tony Worobiec

Gallery PG


3 Inter Club Prints –

best print colour

Out of the Sun Mike Berry Gallery PG
4 Inter Club Prints –

best print mono

Monk’s Trod Mike Devereux Saltburn PS
5  Interclub PDI

Judged by Leigh Preston

Stockton CC

147 pts

6 Inter Club PDIs –

best image

In the Lead Len Shepherd Wensleydale CC
7 Individual PDI

Judged by John Williams

Seaham Wheels Danny Springgay Hartlepool CC
8 Silver Salver –

Individual prints

Judged by David Stout

Race for the Line 2 Grahame Lees Stokesley PS