NCPF Club Championship Results 2017

PDI Comp 21 Entries
The winning club was Keswick with a total of 252 points followed by Durham with 243.
Both clubs will represent the NCPF in the PAGB PDI Competition later in the year.
The winning Digital Image was Rosamond McFarlane of Keswick with “Snow Hare Scrambling for Food”

The full result was as follows:-

1st  Keswick PS 252pts 11th Gallery PG 214pts
Durham PS


11th Stockton CC 214pts
Northallerton CC
233pts 13th Alnwick CC 213pts
Cambois CC


14th Saltburn PS 212pts
Gosforth CC


14th Tynemouth PS  212pts
Morpeth CC
221pts  16th  Blyth PS  210pts
Whitley Bay PS
220pts 17th Ryton CC 209pts
8th South Shields PS 218pts 18th Bishop Auckland PS 208pts
9th  Copeland PS 216pts 18th  Sunderland PA 208pts
10th Stokesley PS 215pts 20th Whickham PC  

Print Comp 18 Entries
The winning Club was Keswick with a total of 244 points followed by Northallerton, Gosforth, Saltburn and Durham all gaining 225 points.
After deduction of each Clubs lowest scores, Gosforth came second with 217 points. Northallerton, Saltburn and Durham were runners up with 216 points each.
Keswick and Gosforth will represent the NCPF in the PAGB print competition later in the year.
The winning print was Keith Snell also of Keswick with “Beached Iceberg”
For the 2nd year running one club took the first spot in both categories.

The full result was as follows:-

1st Keswick PS 244pts 9th Stokesley PS 217pts
2nd Gosforth CC 225pts 10th Blyth PS 215pts
2nd Durham PS 225pts 11th Sunderland PS 210pts
2nd Northallerton CC 225pts 12th Gallery PG 209pts
2nd Saltburn PS 225pts 13th Morpeth CC 207pts
6th Whitley Bay PS 223pts 14th Stockton CC 205pts
7th South Shields PS 220pts 15th Copeland PS 204pts
8th Tynemouth PS 219pts 16th Whickham PC 203pts
      17th Amble PG 202pts
      18th Cambois CC 197pts
winning Digital Image by Rosamond McFarlane Keswick PS with “Snow Hare Scrambling for Food”
winning print by Keith Snell of Keswick PS with “Beached Iceberg”

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