NCPF Beamish Weekend

The weekend of May 30-31 saw the annual exhibition of work by NCPF members as well as a selection of prints from the 35th Northern Counties Salon.

A total of 1001 people visited the exhibition over the course of the weekend with 4 prints sold: congratulations to the successful authors-it is always nice when somebody likes your work so much they are willing to put their hands in their pockets and buy it, even if the amounts concerned are not exactly life changing!

It was nice to see familiar faces both in the exhibition space and out and about within the museum enjoying their photography and (hopefully) working on entries for the Beamish Trophy. Talking to photographers several clubs made the event a club outing as opposed to coming as individuals-something other clubs may like to think about for future years.

Many of the photographers commented on how much they like visiting the museum over the year: several said they were working on medium/long term projects with many saying how the year long pass let them come and photograph more often than they would if they had to pay every time.

The Beamish exhibition provides a chance for NCPF clubs to showcase the work of their members, spread the word about the federation and hopefully get some membership interest at the same time so if you haven’t been to the exhibition before or submitted work for show/sale then please, give it some thought for next year.

Can I also say a big “Thank You” to the volunteers who manned the exhibition over the course of the weekend, talked to the visitors and promoted our hobby-without them things like this simply wouldn’t happen.

Look out for competition entry details early in the new season.