NCPF Beamish Trophy 2015 Results

Results of the 2015 Beamish Trophy Competition can be seen here.

Beamish trophy print results

1st place “The printer” by Carmel Morris , Stockton cc

2nd place “A trip to town” by Jim Welsh ,Blyth PS

3rd place “Fired up and ready to go” by Alan Meek ,Saltburn PS


“House keeper” by Tim Cossins , Saltburn PS

“In the lamp cabin” by Camel Morris ,Stockton CC

“Spares or repair” by Ron Thomas , Morton PS

“Beamish spring cleaning” by Edgar Beveridge , Sunderland PA

“Four candles” by Alison Leddy, Blyth PS


PDI results

1st place “Brass at Beamish” by Paul Terry ,Saltburn PS

2nd place “Print Shop” by Alan Fowler , Whickham PC

3rd place “Sewing in the sun” by Joe Sheridan , Washington CC


“Old carts” by Tim Cossins   , Saltburn PS

“The banker” by Trevor Shelley , Saltburn PS

“The garage man” by Bob Turner , Hexham PS

“What a day” by Mike McHarg   ,Morton PS

“The book keeper” by Joe Sheridan , Washington CC

“Bedroom at Pockerly hall” by Carmel Morris , Stockton CC

“Perchenron working horses” by Carmel Morris , Stockton CC

The overall winner “The Printer” by Carmel Morris of Stockton CC

‘The Printer’ by Carmel Morris ARPS Stockton PS

Overall best Image and winner of the Beamish Trophy 2015

“The Printer” by Carmel-Morris-ARPS.jpg

1st place “Brass at Beamish” by Paul Terry Saltburn PS

1st Place PDI Section

“Brass at Beamish” by Paul Terry Saltburn PS

2nd place “Print Shop” Alan Fowler , Whickham PC

2nd Place PDI Section

“Print Shop” by Alan Fowler , Whickham PC

3rd place Sewing in the Sun Joe Sheridan Washington CC

3rd place PDI Section

“Sewing in the Sun” by  Joe Sheridan Washington CC