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This page has been created to provide a source for information that might be useful to Clubs and/or individual members. It is not designed to replace more professional sources of information relating to techniques, more to providing you with information that is not readily available but which has been sought after by members, for example we have included an item on Guidelines for running PDI competitions.

The page is in the form of an expanded index, giving a summary of each subject. That is then linked either to a web site page or to a PDF file containing the information.

The items already uploaded are only meant to be a starting point. The limit of its content is largely down to YOU the user of this web site. This is one area where we really do need you to tell us what you want on this page.

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Control of Funds

Following recent events where a treasurer absconded with many thousands of pounds, resulting in criminal proceedings and a substantial claim and payment (well into 5 figures) under the Trustee Insurance Scheme, the PAGB was requested to provide some advice of steps that could be taken to reduce the risk of a reoccurence.  The downloadable PDF file below was, after consultation, prepared by the PAGB Treasuer and may be of assistance to federation clubs.

Download PDF File Here


Conditons & Forms for Booking Lecturers and Judges

Information and guidelines to clubs and especially to Syllabus and Competition Secretaries regarding good practice and conduct in respect of this most important part of club activities.  The information aslo contains a downloadable “Booking” and “Reply” form for these purposes, adapted from those in the PAGB Handbook.

Conditions for Bookings Page


Starting Out on the Exhibition Trail

Information and guidelines to those who are getting involved or about to get involved in entering International Exhibitions and Salons.  The information may also be valuable to more experienced exhibitors.

Download PDF File Here


Corporation Tax

A useful ducument , courtesy of the MCPF Treasurer, that all club committees and Federation Events Organisers should be aware of. It relates to the possiblility that you may in certain cirumstances become liable for corporation tax.

Download PDF File Here


Photographic Organisations

To both new and to many established members the plethora of acronyms often referred to by more experienced members is a mystery. This file attempts to dispel those mysteries.

Download PDF File Here


Information about the various photographic distinctions available from the major national and international organisations and also provides useful links for more detailed information.

Distinctions Page >>

Technical Standards for PDI Competitions

Information from the PAGB about the standards they have adopted in their competitions and which might be of assistance to you or your club in organising its own competitions.

Download PDF File Here


An interesting article, reproduced by kind permission of its author, Christine Widdall AFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3* on a subject that has caused discussion for some time now.

Download PDF File Here

FIAP and PSA Definitions

These are the definitions that these two organisations apply to Exhibitions and Salons that they sponsor.  They cover Monchrome, Nature, Photo-Travel and Photo-Journalism.

Definitions Page >>

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