Articles on Judging

These are copies of articles by members of the N.C.P.F. Judges Sub-Committee that appeared in the “Judging” series in Northern Focus magazine. They have been prepared with the intention of increasing understanding between judges and club members and also to try and raise standards in Judging. They are the original articles as published on the dates shown. They have not been updated to reflect events which may have occurred since the original publication date.

Judging Articles
PART 1 To Judge or be Judged Anne Swearman Download PDF Document Published Autumn 2005
PART 2 Judging Part 2 Dave Coates Download PDF Document Published Spring 2006
PART 3 Judging & Response to Pictures Keith Smith Download PDF Document Published Autumn 2007
PART 4 Consistency Vince Rooker Download PDF Document Published Spring 2007
PART 5 The Judges Digital Dilemma Richard Speirs Download PDF Document Published Autumn 2007
PART 6 Picture Presentation Bryan Gilbert Download PDF Document  Published Spring 2008
PART 7 A Digital Dilemma – Fact or Fiction Richard Speirs Download PDF Document Published Autumn 2008
PART 8 Judging Observations Dave Phillips Download PDF Document Published Spring 2009
PART 9 Adjusting to the Digital Era David Richardson Download PDF Document Published Autumn 2009
PART 10 Judges, Judging & the Judged Dave Coates Download PDF Document Published Spring 2010
PART 11 Which is the Best Picture Alan Porrett Download PDF Document Published Autumn 2010
PART 12 Competitions – Quantity or Quality? Pax Garabedian Download PDF Document Published Spring 2011
PART 13 Competitions – Quantity or Quality? Richard Speirs Download PDF Document Published Winter 2012
PART 14 The Judges’ Sub-Committee Richard Speirs Download PDF Document Published Spring 2014

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