Judges Comment Form


The Executive has agreed to the introduction of a more effective feedback system between Clubs / Judges and the Judges Subcommittee for the identification of


  1. a) Areas of Judge’s training / advisory needs
  2. b) Individual Judges who may merit promotion
  3. c) Lapses in the observance of booking protocols.


The new system will involve the use of a standardised form, referred to as the ‘Comment Form’, which both Clubs and Judges are invited to use to comment on matters referred to above for the Judges Subcommittee’s consideration.

The comment form should be downloaded from the link below then the completed and signed. The Comment Form should be submitted via e-mail as a file attachment, to the Judges Subcommittee at judgessubcommittee@ncpf.org.uk.


It is important to bear in mind that the Comment Form is to be submitted on behalf of the TRUSTEES & MEMBERS OF THE CLUB and is not a vehicle for the expression of one or two members’ opinions.


We hope your Club/Society/Group/Association will adopt this facility and use it in the spirit in which it was conceived.

Click HERE to download Judges Comment Form (The file is in Word format)

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