International Salon Circulation 2015/2016

Here we have a list of the Clubs and dates at which images from the NCPF International Salon 2015-2016 are to be shown.

Date 2015 Club Presenter Date 2016
Tue Sep 15 Whitley Bay Alan McCormick Tue Sep 13
Thu Sep 17 Ashington Alan McCormick Thu Sep 15
Mon Sep 21 Chester le St Joseph Duffy Mon Sep 19
Tue Sep 22 S.Shields Joseph Duffy Tue Sep 20
Thu Sep 24 Sunderland Joseph Duffy Thu Sep 22
Fri Sep 25 Washington Joseph Duffy Fri Sep 23
Mon Sep 28 Northallerton Dave Coates Mon Sep 26
Tue Sep 29 Richmond Dave Coates Tue Sep 27
Wed Sep 30 York Dave Coates Wed Sep 28
Thu Oct 1 Stokesley Dave Coates Thur Sep 29
Cancelled Gosforth Vince Rooker Tue Oct 4
Wed Oct 7 Cambois Vince Rooker Wed Oct 5
Thu Oct 8 Gateshead Vince Rooker Thu Oct 6
Fri Oct 9 Esh Winning Vince Rooker Fri Oct 7
Sun Oct 11 York Mono Vince Rooker Sun Oct 9
Tue Oct 13 Ryton Alan McCormick Tue Oct 11
Thu Oct 15 Durham Alan McCormick Thu Oct 13
Fri Oct 16 Amble Alan McCormick Fri Oct 14
Tue Oct 20 Morpeth Vince Rooker Tue Oct 18
Wed Oct 21 Alnwick John Thompson Wed Oct 19
Thu Oct 22 Tynemouth Vince Rooker Thu Oct 20
Fri Oct 23 Whickham Joe Duffy Fri Oct 21


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