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NCPF Programme

The NCPF organises a programme which may include competitions, lectures, meetings, seminars and other events and this page provides you with simple access to information about them. Each is set out in the form of a dated heading and a short description, with links (where applicable) to other web pages or to PDF files to give you more detailed information.


Friday/Sunday 5th/7th September 2014
Selection weekend for the Print Sections of the
35th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography


Thursday/Sunday 10/14th September 2014
Selection weekend for the PDI Sections of the
35th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography


Saturday 18th October 2014
"Assessment Day" for PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit.
Starting at 10am, this 'all day' event, costing just £5 (including refreshments) is to be held at Clara Vale Village Hall, Clara Vale, Ryton, NE40 0JE, and will be the first in a new programme of Assessment Days, sponsored by the PAGB, and as such will be open not only to NCPF members, but also to those of other Federations.
There will be an "introductory" structure in the morning devoted to presentations of the requirements and standards for the various levels. NCPF will present details of any local requirements.
 In the afternoon we will look at a small sample of work (not more than 10) from potential entrants simply to inform them if their work is suitable and which level might be appropriate.

For full details and an application form to attend this event please use one of these links:-Information and Application Form (PDF)Information and Application Form (Docx)


Tuesday 28th October 2014
NCPF Beamish Trophy Competition.
The competition will be judged at Winlaton CC, New West End Social Club, West Lane, Winlaton, NE21 6PQ, commencing at 7.30pm, by 2 NCPF appointed judges; and a representative from the Beamish Management Team. The awards will be:- 1st. the Trophy (to be held for one year), together with 2nd. 3rd. (and as many ‘Highly Commended’ as judges consider relevant) receiving Certificates.  

For full details and an entry form for this competition please use this link:-Information and Entry Form


Sunday 23rd November 2014
NCPF Presentation Day
To be held at Hexham's new club rooms at The Torch Centre, Corbridge Road, Hexham, NE46 1QS, staring at 2.30pm. Further details to follow


Sunday 15th February 2015
NCPF Club Championships
To be be judged this weekend - Full details, rules, entry forms etc will be published on the "Competitons/Club Championships" page as and when available.


Sunday 22nd February 2015
NCPF Judges Seminar
The Judges' Sub-Committee are organising a Seminar to be held in the South Tyneside Area on this date. More details will be made available on this page as and when available..


Friday/Saturday 17th & 18th April 2015
NCPF Annual Competitions
To be be judged this weekend - Full details, rules, entry forms etc will be published on the "Competitons/Annual Competitions" page as and when available. 



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