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Lindisfarne Evening

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January 2014

"A real 'wow' factor at NCPF Spectacular"

Members of Northern Counties were treated to a feast of images and prints at our annual "Spectacular" on Sunday 26th January held at the NovoHotel, Newcastle.  Roger Parry ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Hon.PAGB, his wife Judith Parry AFIAP DPAGB Hon.PAGB and Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p, all from Smethwick PS, were our three entertainers for the day.  I use the word 'entertainers' advisedly because that is what they did, and with the added bonus of some superb photography.

Each of our three guests gave lectures in the morning and afternoon, although Roger and Judith gave joint presentations.  Peter presented his work as Projected Images, but also put on a superb display of Prints, whilst Roger and Judith gave presentations of Prints that left many members envious of their ability and flare. 

First off in the morning was Peter who gave us a master class in his style of photography.  It would be difficult to separate the two lectures he gave, because both were inspiring and marked out by the variety of work that he showed us. Sections of  action photography at 'tough man' contests were followed by visits to heritage railways and many other places like Whitby and  Edinburgh.  Typical of his approach was the image shown below, where he not only showed us the final image, as you see it here, but also how it was constructed and what he was trying to achieve.


"Emily in Mourning" by Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP

Judith and Roger's presentations illustrated their reputation for portrait photography, but also include a variety of other work including landscape.  Yes there were some nude style images, but what they did was to demonstrate how to achieve superb images that were sympathetic and tasteful, without any of the salaciouness often associated with that type of work. It was quickly obvious that Judith and Roger operated independently of each other and had differents styles. Roger treated us to an insight into their relationships with models, many of whom became their close friends, and often contributed to the quality of the images.  He also explained many of the techniques used in his work, especially with his studio work, so often a bit of a mystery to many of our number.


"Beauty in High Key" by Roger Parry ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Hon.PAGB

Judith for her part displayed a wonderfully sympathetic approach to portrait photography often showing her skill at photographing subjects with predominently white content in such a way that detail and variation in tone was rendered to great effect.   She also described how, when on a portrait shoot, they would work in teams of three with one taking images, helped and supported by the second member, whilst the third explored the location for more images.


"Celestial Light" by Judith Parry ARPS DPAGB HonPAGB

Not only did the audience remain rapt throughout, but we also had the benefit of a much improved meal at lunch time and a some superb prizes in the Grand Raffle.  The only down side was that less than 50 members chose to attend. That was a shame, but the only real losers were those who chose not to attend, as this was superb day's photography.  We are indebted to Peter, Judith and Roger for a day to remember, many thanks.


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