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Lindisfarne Evening

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March 2014

"North Tyne Area PDI Competition"

On the evening of Wednesday 26th March just four us from Tynemouth PS arrived at Wallsend's clubrooms to find the place already quite full of hopeful members from the other five clubs from the North Tyne Area; Cramlington CC, Gosforth CC&DIS, Ponteland PS, Whitley Bay PS and of course our hosts, Wallsend PS, and some had a very strong contingent of supporters.

George Ledger DPAGB, from Consett PS was our judge and he explained that he had used a wide range of marks, otherwise the result might have been very tight. George is a very experienced judge and marked from 19 - 30.


"Fork Handles" by Helen Bradley of Ponteland PS

The first half of the competition was deemed to hold our best marked pictures. We pulled into the lead with our first picture and by halfway we had 102 points, 5 ahead of Gosforth on 97 and 11 ahead of Ponteland.

The second half see-sawed back and forth. The top marks of 30 had already gone “Fork Handles”  by Helen Bradley, from Ponteland PS, and we didn’t even get one in the top three. Then it was down to our last picture needing 19 marks to make sure of us being the winners. The judge seemed to dissect and found faults we had never seen, but maybe he was right. Eventually he came to the score and gave it 22. We had won!


"Lighting Up at Staithes" by John Maguinness of Tynemouth PS

The full results were:-
1st:- Tynemouth PS 189 points
2nd:- Ponteland PS 185
3rd:- Cramlington CC 183
4th:- Gosforth CC & DIS:- 181
5th:- Whitley Bay PS 176
6th:- Wallsend PS 172


"Abisko Lights" by Thomas Heaton of Tynemouth PS

So, a good night, an entertaining night, rounded of with a nice buffet (including superb Victoria Sandwich Cake) provided by our hosts. Thank you to Wallsend; we did enjoy the evening and chatting to members of other clubs. e came away with the trophy, which for me as Competitions Secretary, was real treasure. My only disappointment? Our supporters; where were you all? These events give you the chance to see the best work from all our local clubs and only four of us took the opportunity and got the pleasure.

Supplied by:- Howard Wilson APAGB, Tynemouth PS

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