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June 2014

"Results of the PAGB (Alliance) Inter-Federation Competitions"

This year for the first time the PAGB (or Alliance) Inter-Federation Competitions were held all together and before an audience.  The hosts this year were the Welsh Photographic Federation, althgough the event was actually run by a team from the PAGB.  

There were four competitions in all, Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints, Open PDI and Nature PDI and the judges for all four sections of the event were:-
                Bill Hall DPAGB APAGB ABPE (NEMPF)
                Jan Cawley EFIAP/s (WPF)
                Peter gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p (MCPF)
Each federation submits one entry per section, for every three clubs that have in their Federation. So NCPF with (at the relevant time) 46 clubs, entered 15 photographs in each section.  The total scores are then converted to an average score to produce a result.  NCPF's entries are of course selected at the time of our Annual Competitions which were held in April.

"Trouble Brewing" by Joe Grabham of Durham PS

The winners this year were Midland Counties Photographic Federation, who collected the trophies for both the Monochrome Prints and the Open PDI Sections, and the North East Midlands Photographic Federation who won the other two sections, the Colour Prints and the Nature PDI.

"Three Against One" by Alan Walker of Keswick PS

In the Monochrome Prints Northern Counties were placed 9th, but in the Colour Prints we were placed a rather lowly 14th out fifteen entrants. We faired much better in the Open PDI, coming 3rd and in the Nature PDI we achieved a respectable joint 6th place.  In the Open PDI Section, Joe Grabham of Durham PS was awarded a PAGB Silver Medal  by Jan Cawley for "Trouble Brewing" and in the Nature PDI Section, Alan Walker of Keswick PS was also awarded a PAGB Silver Medal, this time by Peter Gennard in the Nature PDI Section, for his "Three Against One".

Our congratulations go to both Joe and Alan, and our thanks fo to you all for supporting our efforts in these competitions. For a PDF file containing details of the results from the four sections of the competitions please use this link:-PAGB Alliance Competition Results

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