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March 2014

"North Tyne Area PDI Competition"

On the evening of Wednesday 26th March just four us from Tynemouth PS arrived at Wallsend's clubrooms to find the place already quite full of hopeful members from the other five clubs from the North Tyne Area; Cramlington CC, Gosforth CC&DIS, Ponteland PS, Whitley Bay PS and of course our hosts, Wallsend PS, and some had a very strong contingent of supporters.

George Ledger DPAGB, from Consett PS was our judge and he explained that he had used a wide range of marks, otherwise the result might have been very tight. George is a very experienced judge and marked from 19 - 30.


"Fork Handles" by Helen Bradley of Ponteland PS

The first half of the competition was deemed to hold our best marked pictures. We pulled into the lead with our first picture and by halfway we had 102 points, 5 ahead of Gosforth on 97 and 11 ahead of Ponteland.

The second half see-sawed back and forth. The top marks of 30 had already gone “Fork Handles”  by Helen Bradley, from Ponteland PS, and we didn’t even get one in the top three. Then it was down to our last picture needing 19 marks to make sure of us being the winners. The judge seemed to dissect and found faults we had never seen, but maybe he was right. Eventually he came to the score and gave it 22. We had won!


"Lighting Up at Staithes" by John Maguinness of Tynemouth PS

The full results were:-
1st:- Tynemouth PS 189 points
2nd:- Ponteland PS 185
3rd:- Cramlington CC 183
4th:- Gosforth CC & DIS:- 181
5th:- Whitley Bay PS 176
6th:- Wallsend PS 172


"Abisko Lights" by Thomas Heaton of Tynemouth PS

So, a good night, an entertaining night, rounded of with a nice buffet (including superb Victoria Sandwich Cake) provided by our hosts. Thank you to Wallsend; we did enjoy the evening and chatting to members of other clubs. e came away with the trophy, which for me as Competitions Secretary, was real treasure. My only disappointment? Our supporters; where were you all? These events give you the chance to see the best work from all our local clubs and only four of us took the opportunity and got the pleasure.

Supplied by:- Howard Wilson APAGB, Tynemouth PS

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March 2014

"Hexham win in South Tyne Area Inter-Club Print Competition."

On Tuesday 25th February the South Tyne Area held its Annual Print Competition, hosted this year by Winlaton CC.  The event proved to be a 'close run thing', with only 16 points separating all six clubs taking part, with the winners turning out to be Hexham & District PS. The host club shared second place with Gateshead CC, just 6 points behind the winners.


Best Individual Print:-  "On the Edge" by Alan Fowler, of Gateshead CC

The Judge for the evening, Dave Phillips of Hartlepool CC, provided some forthright comments and a good dash of humour, and a big thank you is due to him for making the evening so enjoyable.  Dave found the competition for the best individual entry even closer awarding, not only 4 prints with 29 points, but two with a maximum 30 points on the evening. These accolades went to "Hare Spary" by Graham Dixon, of Hexham and to "On the Edge" by Alan Fowler of Gateshead, with Alan edging out Graham for the prize.


"Hare Spray" by  Graham Dixon, of Hexham & District PS
who were Overall Winners of the Inter-Club Competition.

The full results for the Inter-Club were as follows:-

Hexham & District PS
Gateshead CC
Winlaton CC
Ryton & District CC
South Shields PS
Whickham PC

We would also of course like to thank all those members from the six participating clubs for coming along, as they do contribute so much to the evening.  Now for next year's event, for which the hosts will be Gateshead CC.

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February 2014

Northern Counties Annual Club Championships

The 2014 NCPF Club Championships moved to a new venue this year, at the Beacon Lough Church in Gateshead.  A total of 17 clubs competed in the Projected Digital Images Section and 16 in the Prints Section.  There was a substantial crowd of supporters for what turned out to be an excellent competition.

The three judges for the day were Stephen Byard EFIAP EPSA DPAGB from Northallerton CC, Alan Porrett ARPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB from Whitley Bay PS and Keith Robertson ARPS AFIAP from Hexham & District PS, and we thank them for their efforts through the day in assessing well over 600 prints and images.

orcia sunrise
Best Individual PDI:- "Orcia Sunrise" by
Chris Morton EPSA DPAGB, of Northallerton CC

In the Projected Digital Images Section there was a clear win, once again, for Northallerton CC, with a total of 243 marks from their 20 images.  Second Place went to Morpeth CC with 228 points and Durham PS came third with 221.  The Momento Trophy, for the best result by a club that has not previously won the competition went to fourth placed Cambois CC.  The award for the best individual entry went to Chris Morton EPSA DPAGB of Northallerton CC for his shot entitled "Orcia Sunrise".

red squirrel feeding
PDI:- "Red Squirrel Feeding" by
Sandy Furniss ARPS EFIAP/p GMPSA MPAGB, of Northallerton CC

In the Prints Section, it was no change again, with Sunderland PA winning the competition for the second year running, with a score of 230.  Stokesley PS were placed second with 221 points and Northallerton CC third with 220, just one point behind.   The Momento Trophy, again for the best result by a club that has not won this competition before, went to Alnwick & District CC who were placed fifth with 216 points. "Winter Teesdale" by Arnold Hubbard FRPS EFIAP APAGB  of Sunderland PA was awarded the prize for the best individual entry in this section.

winter teesdale
Best Individual Print:- "Winter Teesdale" by
Arnold Hubbard FRPS EFIAP APAGB, of Sunderland PA

It is customary for the Federation to invite the winners and runners up in each section to represent Northern Counties in the PAGB's National Club Championship Competitions held later in the year. Therfore Northallerton CC and Morpeth CC will be carrying the flag for Northern Counties in the PDI Competition, to be hels as usual at Warwick university in July.  Similarly Sunderland PA and Stokesley PS will represent us at the Prints Championship to be held in Ormskirk (a new venue) in October.

flying the flag
Prints:- "Flying the Flag" by
Alan Brown, of Sunderland PA

Our congratulations go to all those clubs who competed and doing so provided a superb day's entertainment and some excellent photography, but especially to the four clubs who will now represent us later in the year.  Our thank also go to the Competitions Officer, Fred Wright and his team for organising and running the event.

For a full listing of the results please go to:-  Detailed Results

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January 2014

"A real 'wow' factor at NCPF Spectacular"

Members of Northern Counties were treated to a feast of images and prints at our annual "Spectacular" on Sunday 26th January held at the NovoHotel, Newcastle.  Roger Parry ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Hon.PAGB, his wife Judith Parry AFIAP DPAGB Hon.PAGB and Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p, all from Smethwick PS, were our three entertainers for the day.  I use the word 'entertainers' advisedly because that is what they did, and with the added bonus of some superb photography.

Each of our three guests gave lectures in the morning and afternoon, although Roger and Judith gave joint presentations.  Peter presented his work as Projected Images, but also put on a superb display of Prints, whilst Roger and Judith gave presentations of Prints that left many members envious of their ability and flare. 

First off in the morning was Peter who gave us a master class in his style of photography.  It would be difficult to separate the two lectures he gave, because both were inspiring and marked out by the variety of work that he showed us. Sections of  action photography at 'tough man' contests were followed by visits to heritage railways and many other places like Whitby and  Edinburgh.  Typical of his approach was the image shown below, where he not only showed us the final image, as you see it here, but also how it was constructed and what he was trying to achieve.


"Emily in Mourning" by Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP

Judith and Roger's presentations illustrated their reputation for portrait photography, but also include a variety of other work including landscape.  Yes there were some nude style images, but what they did was to demonstrate how to achieve superb images that were sympathetic and tasteful, without any of the salaciouness often associated with that type of work. It was quickly obvious that Judith and Roger operated independently of each other and had differents styles. Roger treated us to an insight into their relationships with models, many of whom became their close friends, and often contributed to the quality of the images.  He also explained many of the techniques used in his work, especially with his studio work, so often a bit of a mystery to many of our number.


"Beauty in High Key" by Roger Parry ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Hon.PAGB

Judith for her part displayed a wonderfully sympathetic approach to portrait photography often showing her skill at photographing subjects with predominently white content in such a way that detail and variation in tone was rendered to great effect.   She also described how, when on a portrait shoot, they would work in teams of three with one taking images, helped and supported by the second member, whilst the third explored the location for more images.


"Celestial Light" by Judith Parry ARPS DPAGB HonPAGB

Not only did the audience remain rapt throughout, but we also had the benefit of a much improved meal at lunch time and a some superb prizes in the Grand Raffle.  The only down side was that less than 50 members chose to attend. That was a shame, but the only real losers were those who chose not to attend, as this was superb day's photography.  We are indebted to Peter, Judith and Roger for a day to remember, many thanks.


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December 2013

"Congratulations to Northern Counties members"

As the year draws to a close and Christmas nears, it is perhaps apppropriate to congratulate members of Northern Counties clubs for achievements that have gone unmentioned earlier in the year.

Many of our members enter International Salons across the world and whilsit we have recognised all those who gained distinctions from the FIAP earlier in the year, there has been a steady stream of our members having their efforts recognised by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) during the past year.  PSA makes awards for both for achievement in International Exhibtions and also for service to photography.

Associateship of PSA (APSA) is granted to members of PSA who have given prolonged service to their fellow members and have also a distinguished record of photographic achievement themselves. It therefore with great pleasure that we start our list with the name of:-


Tony is currently Secretary of the Federation and well known as chairman of the organising committees for both the Great British Small Prints Circuit and the Solway Salon. He also lists being a PAGB listed judge and a long term Judge for Northern Counties, as well being the creator and driving force behind the West Cumbria Photo Group among his many aspects of service to our hobby.  Well done and well deserved Tony.

As already intimated PSA also grants distinctions to its members for achievements in International Salons that are recognised by them.  Fuller details of these awards are contained in the relevant section of the "Knowledge Base" pages on this site.  The following members of our federation are therefore to be congratulated for being recognised by PSA over the last year:-

PPSA Sheila Coates LRPS EFIAP PPSA DPAGB (Northallerton CC)
Helen Herbert FRPS EFIAP PPSA (West Cumbria PG)
John Macfarlane EFIAP PPSA (Keswick PS)
Rosamund Mcfarlane AFIAP PPSA (Keswick PS)
Phil Thompson AFIAP PPSA (Workington CC)
Julie Walker AFIAP PPSA (West Cumbria PG)
EPSA Christine Hodgson AFIAP EPSA (West Cumbria PG)
MPSA John Williams EFIAP MPSA DPAGB (Penrith CC)

Our congratulations and well done to you all; also to any others that we may have missed out on being informed about.




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December 2013

"Whickham's Anniversary Celebration Continue"

Formed in 1973, Whickham PC may not be the oldest camera club in the Federation, but they certainly know how to celebrate an Anniversary. With 40 years under their belts they have now produced a news letter that features many of what its current members will see as high lights of that period.

Certainly if this photo of them enjoying a relax in 1998, when they were representing Northern Counties at Warwick is anything to go, by fashions have changed over a quarter of a century.

whickham 40-01

The "gang" at Warwick in 1998

What is certain from the following snap of members is that Whickham is a club that functions as a club enjoying photography together and which sets its ambitions very high indeed.

whickham 40-02

The newsletter continues in this vein and includes many pieces that will resonate with our members, whether connected to Whickham or not.  We reproduce the newsletter here in its entirety for everyone to enjoy; simply click on this link>> Whickham PC Newsletter



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December 2013

"North Yorkshire & South Durham PA Annual Competitions"

At the recemtly held NYSD Annual Competitions, Hartlepool P&DG won the Inter-Club Prints Section, with Northallerton CC winning the Inter-Club.  When the scores were added up Northallerton also came away with the Overall Trophy for the second year running.

The event comprises of two Inter-club Competitions, one for Prints and the other for PDI, with trophies for the Best Club Print Entry, The Best Club PDI entry, and also for the Best Colour Print, Best Mono Print and Best PDI entry.  The total marks from each section are then added together to give the winner of the Overall Club Trophy.  There are also two separate competitions for Individual Entrants for prints and PDIs.

nysd best print

"Best Inter-Club Colour Print: "Kingfishers"
by John Webster ARPS MPAGB, Northallerton CC

In the Interclub Prints Section first place and the trophy went Hartlepool P&DG with 151 points from their entry of 6 prints.  Second Place was gained by Saltburn PS with 161 and in third place on 141 wwas Northallerton CC.

nysd best mono

Best Inter-Club Monochrome Print: "Riding the Storm",
by Ian Snowdon,Saltburn PS

The trophy for the Best Colour Print in this section was, for the second year running,  won by John Webster,  with "Kinfishers", whilst that for the Best Monochrome Print went to Ian Snowdon, of Saltburn PS, with "Riding the Storm".

nysd best mono

Best Inter-Club PDI: "Kittiwake with Chicks"",
by Jo Stevens, Gallery PG

The Interclub PDI Section was also won by Northallerton CC, with 164 points, with Guisborough PG and Stokesley PS sharing second place, each with 153 points.  This meant that the Overall Trophy for the Interclub Competition also went to Northallerton CC with 305 points.  Saltburn PS squeezed out  Hartlepool P&DG by one point for second place with 297.  However the trophy for the Best Image in this section went to Jo Stevens,  of Gallery PG with his shot "Kittiwake with Chicks".

nysd individual Print

Best Individual Print and the Silver Salver: "Black Winged Stilts",
by John L Davies, Stokesley PS

Finally there are the separate competitions for individual entrants.  In the Prints Competition, the Silver Salver was awarded to John L Davies of Stokesley PS, for "Black Winged Stilts".   In the PDI Competition the trophy for the Best Image also went to Northallerton CC for "Buzzard with Pheasant Kill"  by Miles Langthorne.

nysd individual pdi

Best Individual PDI: "Buzzard with Pheasant Kill",
by Miles Langthorne DPAGB, of Northallerton CC

For further details of the scores and more images to view please go to this link at the:- North Yorkshire & South Durham PA Website

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November 2013

"Northern Area Interclub Colour & Mono Print Competition"

The Northern Area Interclub Colour & Monochrome Print Competition between Alnwick, Amble, Ashington, Blyth, Cambois, Morpeth and Wooler was held on Thursday 24th October. This event was hosted by Ashington Co-op Camera Club and judged by David Hall ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGE, BPE3*.

St Mary's posts

"St Mary's Posts" by Alan Cadwallander of Morpeth CC

The winning club was Cambois with a top score of 215 points. In joint 2nd place were Alnwick and Morpeth with a score of 212 points each. In 4th place was Ashington with 211, 5th place was Amble with 201 points, 6th place was Blyth with 197 points and 7th place was Wooler with 168 points. Two prints gained 30 points, the first, entitled ‘Splash and Grab’ by Bill Doherty was part of Ashington’s entry and the second, entitled ‘St. Mary’s Posts’ by Ian Cadwallander was part of the Morpeth entry.

Smash and grab

"Splash and Grab" by Bill Doherty of Ashington Co-op CC

The event was well attended and the host club provided an excellent buffet afterwards. Thanks to the members of Ashington and David Hall for an entertaining and enjoyable evening.

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November 2013


"Durham come out top in the Wear Area Battle"

The annual Wear Area Battle was held on 22nd November 2013 at Washington Camera Club's new venue at Shiner Row Community Centre with the club their high standard of organisation and their ability to make everyone welcome.

This year a total of eight clubs took part in this year's competition, including one of the federation's new clubs, Castleside & District PC.; the others being, Chester-le-Street CC, Consett & District PS, Durham PS, Esh Winning CC, Stanhope PS, Sunderland PA and the hosts, Washington CC. The esteemed Judge was Keith Sudderby FRPS MPAGB EFIAP of Morpeth CC..

At the end of the evening Durham PA, were the winners by a 5 point margin from Washington CC and owith our new club, Castleside a further 5 points behind in third place. There was even more good news for Castleside, because it was one of their members, Malcolm Boyd, with his rather appropriately titled image, "Rather Pleased", that was awarded the top mark of 30 points. Well done to both clubs.

rather Pleased

"Rather Pleased" by Malcolm Boyd of Castleside & District PC

The full results of the competition were as follows:-
1st:-      Durham PS (163 points)
2nd:-     Washington CC (158 points)
3rd:-      Castleside & Dist PC (153 points)
4th:-      Stanhope PS (148 points)
5th:-      Jointly Sunderland PA & Consett &Dist PS (146 points)
7th:-      Chester-le-Street CC (138 points)
8th:-      Esh Winning CC (133 points)

There was an audience of 72 members drawn from all the participating clubs and everybody shared an excellent buffet, provided generously by the hosts, Washington CC.  Pies, sausage rolls and cakes were the perfect ending to a great night.

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November 2013

"Northern Counties Annual Presentation of Awards"

fs awards x

On Sunday 10th November, 2013 we held our "Annual Presentation of Awards Day", sponsored this year for the first time by Permajet, at the Novotel Hotel, at Newcastle.

This was a free event open to all members with a good attendance of 65. Those present were there to mark and celebrate both individual and Club successes in this years’ NCPF Annual Competitions, the Beamish Trophy and the 34th NCPF International Salon.

The event also marked the Federations’ recent success in the Nature section of the PAGB Inter-federation PDI Championships by having the PAGB Nature Trophy on display and by showing a sequence of the successful images along with the author’s name and Club.  The awards were presented to the winners by the NCPF President, Pax Garabedian, EFIAP PPSA DPAGB, with the winning pictures being projected on to the screen at the time.

FIAP gold

Jo McIntyre of Dumfries CC, being presented with a FIAP Gold Medal by
the NCPF President for her Projected Digital Image "Osprey in the Mist"
Best Nature Image in the Northern Counties International Salon.

As usual there was also a display of around 25 prints from the NCPF Archives courtesy of Stan Bewick AFIAP APSA APAGB along with the sets of prints used by Sunderland PA and Northallerton CC in the recent Connah’s Quay PAGB Print Championships.


Alan Meek of Saltburn PS being presented with the Beamish Trophy
by the NCPF President for his print "The Press Room".

Congratulations to all award winners, both present and absent.

We extend our grateful thanks to PermaJet, Fotospeed and Clubs and to individuals who supported materially or otherwise to make the day a success.

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November 2013

"Roy Elwood awarded APAGB"

On Friday 8th November Roy Elwood FRPS EFIAP MPAGB APAGB was awarded the PAGB's "Associate" award (APAGB) for services to photography over a period well in excess of thirty years.  The presentation was made on behalf of PAGB by the NCPF President, Pax Garabedian EFIAP PPSA DPAGB.

The occasion, at Whickham's club premises, was a joint RPS/Whickham PC meeting entiled "Panels Galore" with over 80 members from Whickham and from further afield present.  It is particularly appropriate that Roy should receive this award in what is Whickham PC's 40th Anniversary Year.

There is little doubt that this award will be warmly welcomed by not only his own club members but also by photographers from across the country and beyond. The following narrative is drawn from the citation which supported his club's request for this award to be granted.

roy elwood apagb

Roy Elwood FRPS EFIAP MPAGB APAGB being presented with his APAGB Certificate
by the NCPF President, Pax Garabedian EFIAP PPSA DPAGB

Roy’s involvement with NCPF clubs started in the early 1970’s when he joined Tynemouth PS,  becoming its President in 1989. In the 1980s he also joined Whickham CC. At Whickham Roy has held virtually every post available within the club, most on more than one occasion. In 2009 Roy was made Honorary President of the now Whickham PC in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the club.

Beyond the confines of his club, Roy has been an active member of the RPS, being awarded his Fellowship in 1994 and has held a number of exhibitions and had work published in the photographic year book, “Best of Friends”, not forgetting his long-term contribution to “Mono Magazine”. Roy has also entered many International Salons over the years, for which he has been given the EFIAP award, and he is also the only member of an NCPF club to hold the MPAGB Distinction in monochrome prints.

Roy has always been pleased to help and advise anyone planning or thinking of submitting work for a distinction. A person like Roy Elwood is not simply an asset to his club; he is an asset to the federation as a whole. A photographer who lectures locally, nationally and internationally, Roy promotes and raises the profile of the NCPF wherever he speaks. As anyone who has met him knows, Roy has a commitment and enthusiasm for not only his own photographic practice but for the medium as a whole.

An award richly deserved, well done Roy.

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November 2013

More on the PAGB Alliance PDI Competition

Following on from the previous 'News Item' on this subject, we now have the details of Acceptances and Awards at this recent event.  You will recall that Northern Counties finished 8th in the Open Section of the Competition, but won the Nature Section outright.

We can now confirm that in the Open Section 4 of our 16 entries were accepted into the Travelling Exhibition that will be made available to Clubs and Federations over the next year or so.  Our congratulations therefore go to Alan Brown, Sunderland PA for "Flying the Flag", to Chris Morton EPSA DPAGB, Northallerton CC for "Belvedere Backlight"  to Joe Grabham EFIAP, Durham PS for "Island of Lost Souls", and especially to John Wilmore, Gateshead CC for "Car Park Tracks", which also received a PAGB Ribbon in the Awards listing.

car tracks
"Car  Park Tracks" by John Wilmore, of Gateshead CC
Awarded a PAGB RIBBON in the Open Section

In the Nature Section, no less than 8 of our 16 entries were accepted into the Exhibition, with "Swan Lake" by Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB, of Northallerton CC winning a PAGB Ribbon.  Along with that image the other seven accepted were:- "Catch of the Day", by Bill Doherty, Ashington Co-op CC; "Gotcha" by Alan Fowler, Gateshead CC; "Hitching a Ride" by Chris Hadfield ARPS, Northallerton CC; "Mycena No3" by John L Davies ARPS EFIAP DPAGB, Stokelsey PS; "Polar Bear"  also by Patricia Kearton; "Snowshoe Hare" by Carol Minks, Keswick PS; and  "Speckled Bush Cricket" by Patricia Rayment, Keswick PS. 

2013 Warwick 01

"Swan Lake"  by Patricia Kearton LRPS CPAGB of Northallerton CC
Awarded a PAGB RIBBON in the Nature Section.

Our congratulations go to all for an excellent result not only for themselves as individuals, but also along with all the others with entries for doing Northern Counties so proud. Well done.

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October 2013

"Results from Connah's Quay"

Sunderland PA and Northallerton CC were the two clubs who, as a result of their coming 1st and 2nd respectively at our Annual Club Championships earlier in the year, represented Northern Counties at the 2013 PAGB Annual Inter-Club Prints Championship at Connah's Quay on Saturday 26th October.  Members of both clubs were there to support their clubs efforts.

A total of 37 clubs from across the country were competing and the Judges for the day were Des Clinton from the Republic of Ireland, Chris Widdall from L&CPU and Malcolm Kus from NCPF.  They each marked from 2 to 5, meaning that marks could range from 6 to 15.  The competition consists of two rounds, a 1st Round from which the top 8 scoring clubs qualify for the Final Round, with the remaining 29 competing for the 'Plate Competition'.


"Haunted Bedroom" by Cliff Banks LRPS AFIAP, of Sunderland PA

In the first round clubs have to submit 15 prints of which at least 5 must be monochrome and at least 5 must be colour. There must be no more than 4 nature prints. At the end of the first round the leaders were the Inn Focus Group from the Welsh Federation witha total of 159 points. Sunderland PA scored 132 points and Northallerton 130, but in neither case was this enough for them to qualify for the final round, so both our clubs then competed in the 'Plate Competition'.

The Plate Competition entry consists of only 5 prints, one per author, no more than one nature print and at least 2 monochrome and colour prints.  The Don Morrison Plate Trophy was won jointly by Chorley PS from L&CPU and Catchlight CC from NIPA (68 points each), with Sunderland PA placed 10th with 62 points and Northallerton CC 16th with 60 points.

In the Final Round there was also a very close finish, with Dumfries CC (SPF), The Inn Focus Group (WPF) and Wigan 10 (L&CPU) all tieing for 2nd place with 202 points each.  The worthy winners though, by the smallest of margins were Smethwick PS (MCPF) with 203 points.  Detailed results are displayed in PAGB 'e-news' No.101.


"Rydal Dawn" by John Webster ARPS MPAGB, Northallerton CC

Both Sunderland and Northallerton can be proud of their performance though, and particular mention should be made of Cliff Banks, of Sunderland and John Webster of Northallerton, for their shots of "Haunted Room" and "Rydal Dawn" respectively which each received scores of 13. However our most successful print was "Swan Lake" by Patricia Kearton of Northallerton which received a maximum of 15 points.

2013 Warwick 01

"Swan Lake" by Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB, of Northallerton CC

At the end of an excellent day's photography those present enjoyed what has to have been one of the 'grandest raffles' I can remember. It raised some £1250 towards the cost of the event; not surprising really when you consider the prizes included a Canon DSLR and an Epson 3000 printer.  All in all a great day out with some of the finest photographs around on display.


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October 2013

"The Beamish Trophy goes to Allan Meek of Saltburn"

The Judging of prints for the Beamish Trophy took place on Friday 25th hosted by Washington CC at their new club premises at Shiney Row Community Association. The number of images was a significant percentage up on the previous year but still remained on the low side.

A total of 29 prints from 16 authors were judged by the Richard Speirs DPAGB BPE2* APAGB, Julian Harrop representing Beamish Living Museum and Ian Woodley LRPS CPAGB, with the Beamish Trophy for the best print being awarded to Allan Meek of Saltburn PS, one of the clubs that joined NCPF earlier this year.

Northern Area comp2

Beamish Trophy Winner
"The Press Room" by Allan Meek   of Saltburn PS 

The results were:

First:-                          "The Press Room"  by Alan Meek of Saltburn PS
Second:-                     "Folklore" by Ronnie Galloway of Dumfries CC
Third:-                         "Horse Power" by Alan Meek of Saltburn PS
Highly Commended:-  "End of a Perfect Day" by Bill Stevenson of Hartlepool P&DG

Congratulations to all the winners.

The evening’s proceedings were rounded off by a delightful and entertaining set of AV sequences by Richard Speirs DPAGB BPE2* APAGB.

We extend our thanks to Joe Duffy LRPS CPAGB APAGB for looking after the collection of prints and mechanics of this event and to Ken Henderson APAGB and Washington CC for making their club night available for the judging.

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October 2013

"Northern Counties win the Alliance Nature Competition"

Please Note:- Since the event the NCPF has identified that one of our entries into the Nature Section was in fact a composite and therefore not eligible.  NCPF has voluntarily withdrawn the image retrospectively, and notified PAGB.  This means that Northern Counties have lost the trophy to the second placed Federation. 

There is no reflection on the author, who may not have known beforfehand that it had been selected for the Nature Section.  The error was due an innocent cross over from the general Open Section to Nature.  Steps have been taken to ensure that this cannot happen again.

Northern Counties were the winners this year of the Nature Section of the PAGB's Annual Inter-Federation Nature Competition.  The Nature Section is one of two parts of the Annual Inter-Federation PDI Competition organised by PAGB and in which all fifteen of the Federation's of the alliance compete.

Leo Rich, President of PAGB commented "We do appreciate the swift way in which NCPF have acted to rectify this matter which must have been an embarrassment to them as the host Federation."

This year's event was hosted by Northern Counties so it is especially nice to come away with such a good result. The other Section was the Open Section and, whilst we did not do so well in this section, we did come away with a very creditable 8th place.

The entries for both sections of the competition were selected by a panel of three Northern Counties Judges from members' entries into the 2013 NCPF Annual Competitions, held earlier this year. Each Federation is allowed to enter a number of images, which is based on one third of that federation's number of member clubs, with no more than three entries from any one author.  Our entries therefore each comprised of 16 images.   The resultant total scores are turned into an average to produce the winners etc.  For details of the Federation Results Tables please click on the link below

Results Tables for the 2013 PAGB Inter-Federation PDI Competitions

Whilst full details of exactly which images have been accepted into the Exhibition and of any awards are still not yet to hand, this is a fantastic result for Northern Counties and our congtaulations must go to all those whose images contributed to it.  In recognition of that we reproduce here all sixteen of our winning entries.


Once again well done to everyone involved, whether by submitting or selecting entries and also to our Competitions Organiser, Malcolm Kus, and his team for organising and running the event on behalf of PAGB.

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July 2013

"Thereby Hangs a Tail""

You may well remember the piece a couple of months ago when Northallerton CC member, Ken Hadfield ARPS, had his picture "A Little Bear Behind" published in both the Times and elsewhere (see below this item). Well Chris (Ken's wife and also an ARPS) just to prove the truth of the old adage "Anything you can do, I can do....." has had her shot of an owl and a mouse appear in The Times as well.

The owl and the mouse

"Mouse Meets its end""  by Chris Hadfield ARPS of Northallerton CC


Just to keep the peace in the family we show Ken's shot as well. It just shows what you can achieve if you set your stall out. Well done to both.

A Little Bear behind

"A Little Bear Behind"  by Ken Hadfield ARPS of Northallerton CC

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