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November 2013


"Durham come out top in the Wear Area Battle"

The annual Wear Area Battle was held on 22nd November 2013 at Washington Camera Club's new venue at Shiner Row Community Centre with the club their high standard of organisation and their ability to make everyone welcome.

This year a total of eight clubs took part in this year's competition, including one of the federation's new clubs, Castleside & District PC.; the others being, Chester-le-Street CC, Consett & District PS, Durham PS, Esh Winning CC, Stanhope PS, Sunderland PA and the hosts, Washington CC. The esteemed Judge was Keith Sudderby FRPS MPAGB EFIAP of Morpeth CC..

At the end of the evening Durham PA, were the winners by a 5 point margin from Washington CC and owith our new club, Castleside a further 5 points behind in third place. There was even more good news for Castleside, because it was one of their members, Malcolm Boyd, with his rather appropriately titled image, "Rather Pleased", that was awarded the top mark of 30 points. Well done to both clubs.

rather Pleased

"Rather Pleased" by Malcolm Boyd of Castleside & District PC

The full results of the competition were as follows:-
1st:-      Durham PS (163 points)
2nd:-     Washington CC (158 points)
3rd:-      Castleside & Dist PC (153 points)
4th:-      Stanhope PS (148 points)
5th:-      Jointly Sunderland PA & Consett &Dist PS (146 points)
7th:-      Chester-le-Street CC (138 points)
8th:-      Esh Winning CC (133 points)

There was an audience of 72 members drawn from all the participating clubs and everybody shared an excellent buffet, provided generously by the hosts, Washington CC.  Pies, sausage rolls and cakes were the perfect ending to a great night.

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November 2013

"Northern Counties Annual Presentation of Awards"

fs awards x

On Sunday 10th November, 2013 we held our "Annual Presentation of Awards Day", sponsored this year for the first time by Permajet, at the Novotel Hotel, at Newcastle.

This was a free event open to all members with a good attendance of 65. Those present were there to mark and celebrate both individual and Club successes in this years’ NCPF Annual Competitions, the Beamish Trophy and the 34th NCPF International Salon.

The event also marked the Federations’ recent success in the Nature section of the PAGB Inter-federation PDI Championships by having the PAGB Nature Trophy on display and by showing a sequence of the successful images along with the author’s name and Club.  The awards were presented to the winners by the NCPF President, Pax Garabedian, EFIAP PPSA DPAGB, with the winning pictures being projected on to the screen at the time.

FIAP gold

Jo McIntyre of Dumfries CC, being presented with a FIAP Gold Medal by
the NCPF President for her Projected Digital Image "Osprey in the Mist"
Best Nature Image in the Northern Counties International Salon.

As usual there was also a display of around 25 prints from the NCPF Archives courtesy of Stan Bewick AFIAP APSA APAGB along with the sets of prints used by Sunderland PA and Northallerton CC in the recent Connah’s Quay PAGB Print Championships.


Alan Meek of Saltburn PS being presented with the Beamish Trophy
by the NCPF President for his print "The Press Room".

Congratulations to all award winners, both present and absent.

We extend our grateful thanks to PermaJet, Fotospeed and Clubs and to individuals who supported materially or otherwise to make the day a success.

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November 2013

"Roy Elwood awarded APAGB"

On Friday 8th November Roy Elwood FRPS EFIAP MPAGB APAGB was awarded the PAGB's "Associate" award (APAGB) for services to photography over a period well in excess of thirty years.  The presentation was made on behalf of PAGB by the NCPF President, Pax Garabedian EFIAP PPSA DPAGB.

The occasion, at Whickham's club premises, was a joint RPS/Whickham PC meeting entiled "Panels Galore" with over 80 members from Whickham and from further afield present.  It is particularly appropriate that Roy should receive this award in what is Whickham PC's 40th Anniversary Year.

There is little doubt that this award will be warmly welcomed by not only his own club members but also by photographers from across the country and beyond. The following narrative is drawn from the citation which supported his club's request for this award to be granted.

roy elwood apagb

Roy Elwood FRPS EFIAP MPAGB APAGB being presented with his APAGB Certificate
by the NCPF President, Pax Garabedian EFIAP PPSA DPAGB

Roy’s involvement with NCPF clubs started in the early 1970’s when he joined Tynemouth PS,  becoming its President in 1989. In the 1980s he also joined Whickham CC. At Whickham Roy has held virtually every post available within the club, most on more than one occasion. In 2009 Roy was made Honorary President of the now Whickham PC in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the club.

Beyond the confines of his club, Roy has been an active member of the RPS, being awarded his Fellowship in 1994 and has held a number of exhibitions and had work published in the photographic year book, “Best of Friends”, not forgetting his long-term contribution to “Mono Magazine”. Roy has also entered many International Salons over the years, for which he has been given the EFIAP award, and he is also the only member of an NCPF club to hold the MPAGB Distinction in monochrome prints.

Roy has always been pleased to help and advise anyone planning or thinking of submitting work for a distinction. A person like Roy Elwood is not simply an asset to his club; he is an asset to the federation as a whole. A photographer who lectures locally, nationally and internationally, Roy promotes and raises the profile of the NCPF wherever he speaks. As anyone who has met him knows, Roy has a commitment and enthusiasm for not only his own photographic practice but for the medium as a whole.

An award richly deserved, well done Roy.

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November 2013

More on the PAGB Alliance PDI Competition

Following on from the previous 'News Item' on this subject, we now have the details of Acceptances and Awards at this recent event.  You will recall that Northern Counties finished 8th in the Open Section of the Competition, but won the Nature Section outright.

We can now confirm that in the Open Section 4 of our 16 entries were accepted into the Travelling Exhibition that will be made available to Clubs and Federations over the next year or so.  Our congratulations therefore go to Alan Brown, Sunderland PA for "Flying the Flag", to Chris Morton EPSA DPAGB, Northallerton CC for "Belvedere Backlight"  to Joe Grabham EFIAP, Durham PS for "Island of Lost Souls", and especially to John Wilmore, Gateshead CC for "Car Park Tracks", which also received a PAGB Ribbon in the Awards listing.

car tracks
"Car  Park Tracks" by John Wilmore, of Gateshead CC
Awarded a PAGB RIBBON in the Open Section

In the Nature Section, no less than 8 of our 16 entries were accepted into the Exhibition, with "Swan Lake" by Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB, of Northallerton CC winning a PAGB Ribbon.  Along with that image the other seven accepted were:- "Catch of the Day", by Bill Doherty, Ashington Co-op CC; "Gotcha" by Alan Fowler, Gateshead CC; "Hitching a Ride" by Chris Hadfield ARPS, Northallerton CC; "Mycena No3" by John L Davies ARPS EFIAP DPAGB, Stokelsey PS; "Polar Bear"  also by Patricia Kearton; "Snowshoe Hare" by Carol Minks, Keswick PS; and  "Speckled Bush Cricket" by Patricia Rayment, Keswick PS. 

2013 Warwick 01

"Swan Lake"  by Patricia Kearton LRPS CPAGB of Northallerton CC
Awarded a PAGB RIBBON in the Nature Section.

Our congratulations go to all for an excellent result not only for themselves as individuals, but also along with all the others with entries for doing Northern Counties so proud. Well done.

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October 2013

"Results from Connah's Quay"

Sunderland PA and Northallerton CC were the two clubs who, as a result of their coming 1st and 2nd respectively at our Annual Club Championships earlier in the year, represented Northern Counties at the 2013 PAGB Annual Inter-Club Prints Championship at Connah's Quay on Saturday 26th October.  Members of both clubs were there to support their clubs efforts.

A total of 37 clubs from across the country were competing and the Judges for the day were Des Clinton from the Republic of Ireland, Chris Widdall from L&CPU and Malcolm Kus from NCPF.  They each marked from 2 to 5, meaning that marks could range from 6 to 15.  The competition consists of two rounds, a 1st Round from which the top 8 scoring clubs qualify for the Final Round, with the remaining 29 competing for the 'Plate Competition'.


"Haunted Bedroom" by Cliff Banks LRPS AFIAP, of Sunderland PA

In the first round clubs have to submit 15 prints of which at least 5 must be monochrome and at least 5 must be colour. There must be no more than 4 nature prints. At the end of the first round the leaders were the Inn Focus Group from the Welsh Federation witha total of 159 points. Sunderland PA scored 132 points and Northallerton 130, but in neither case was this enough for them to qualify for the final round, so both our clubs then competed in the 'Plate Competition'.

The Plate Competition entry consists of only 5 prints, one per author, no more than one nature print and at least 2 monochrome and colour prints.  The Don Morrison Plate Trophy was won jointly by Chorley PS from L&CPU and Catchlight CC from NIPA (68 points each), with Sunderland PA placed 10th with 62 points and Northallerton CC 16th with 60 points.

In the Final Round there was also a very close finish, with Dumfries CC (SPF), The Inn Focus Group (WPF) and Wigan 10 (L&CPU) all tieing for 2nd place with 202 points each.  The worthy winners though, by the smallest of margins were Smethwick PS (MCPF) with 203 points.  Detailed results are displayed in PAGB 'e-news' No.101.


"Rydal Dawn" by John Webster ARPS MPAGB, Northallerton CC

Both Sunderland and Northallerton can be proud of their performance though, and particular mention should be made of Cliff Banks, of Sunderland and John Webster of Northallerton, for their shots of "Haunted Room" and "Rydal Dawn" respectively which each received scores of 13. However our most successful print was "Swan Lake" by Patricia Kearton of Northallerton which received a maximum of 15 points.

2013 Warwick 01

"Swan Lake" by Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB, of Northallerton CC

At the end of an excellent day's photography those present enjoyed what has to have been one of the 'grandest raffles' I can remember. It raised some £1250 towards the cost of the event; not surprising really when you consider the prizes included a Canon DSLR and an Epson 3000 printer.  All in all a great day out with some of the finest photographs around on display.


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October 2013

"The Beamish Trophy goes to Allan Meek of Saltburn"

The Judging of prints for the Beamish Trophy took place on Friday 25th hosted by Washington CC at their new club premises at Shiney Row Community Association. The number of images was a significant percentage up on the previous year but still remained on the low side.

A total of 29 prints from 16 authors were judged by the Richard Speirs DPAGB BPE2* APAGB, Julian Harrop representing Beamish Living Museum and Ian Woodley LRPS CPAGB, with the Beamish Trophy for the best print being awarded to Allan Meek of Saltburn PS, one of the clubs that joined NCPF earlier this year.

Northern Area comp2

Beamish Trophy Winner
"The Press Room" by Allan Meek   of Saltburn PS 

The results were:

First:-                          "The Press Room"  by Alan Meek of Saltburn PS
Second:-                     "Folklore" by Ronnie Galloway of Dumfries CC
Third:-                         "Horse Power" by Alan Meek of Saltburn PS
Highly Commended:-  "End of a Perfect Day" by Bill Stevenson of Hartlepool P&DG

Congratulations to all the winners.

The evening’s proceedings were rounded off by a delightful and entertaining set of AV sequences by Richard Speirs DPAGB BPE2* APAGB.

We extend our thanks to Joe Duffy LRPS CPAGB APAGB for looking after the collection of prints and mechanics of this event and to Ken Henderson APAGB and Washington CC for making their club night available for the judging.

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October 2013

"Northern Counties win the Alliance Nature Competition"

Please Note:- Since the event the NCPF has identified that one of our entries into the Nature Section was in fact a composite and therefore not eligible.  NCPF has voluntarily withdrawn the image retrospectively, and notified PAGB.  This means that Northern Counties have lost the trophy to the second placed Federation. 

There is no reflection on the author, who may not have known beforfehand that it had been selected for the Nature Section.  The error was due an innocent cross over from the general Open Section to Nature.  Steps have been taken to ensure that this cannot happen again.

Northern Counties were the winners this year of the Nature Section of the PAGB's Annual Inter-Federation Nature Competition.  The Nature Section is one of two parts of the Annual Inter-Federation PDI Competition organised by PAGB and in which all fifteen of the Federation's of the alliance compete.

Leo Rich, President of PAGB commented "We do appreciate the swift way in which NCPF have acted to rectify this matter which must have been an embarrassment to them as the host Federation."

This year's event was hosted by Northern Counties so it is especially nice to come away with such a good result. The other Section was the Open Section and, whilst we did not do so well in this section, we did come away with a very creditable 8th place.

The entries for both sections of the competition were selected by a panel of three Northern Counties Judges from members' entries into the 2013 NCPF Annual Competitions, held earlier this year. Each Federation is allowed to enter a number of images, which is based on one third of that federation's number of member clubs, with no more than three entries from any one author.  Our entries therefore each comprised of 16 images.   The resultant total scores are turned into an average to produce the winners etc.  For details of the Federation Results Tables please click on the link below

Results Tables for the 2013 PAGB Inter-Federation PDI Competitions

Whilst full details of exactly which images have been accepted into the Exhibition and of any awards are still not yet to hand, this is a fantastic result for Northern Counties and our congtaulations must go to all those whose images contributed to it.  In recognition of that we reproduce here all sixteen of our winning entries.


Once again well done to everyone involved, whether by submitting or selecting entries and also to our Competitions Organiser, Malcolm Kus, and his team for organising and running the event on behalf of PAGB.

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July 2013

"Thereby Hangs a Tail""

You may well remember the piece a couple of months ago when Northallerton CC member, Ken Hadfield ARPS, had his picture "A Little Bear Behind" published in both the Times and elsewhere (see below this item). Well Chris (Ken's wife and also an ARPS) just to prove the truth of the old adage "Anything you can do, I can do....." has had her shot of an owl and a mouse appear in The Times as well.

The owl and the mouse

"Mouse Meets its end""  by Chris Hadfield ARPS of Northallerton CC


Just to keep the peace in the family we show Ken's shot as well. It just shows what you can achieve if you set your stall out. Well done to both.

A Little Bear behind

"A Little Bear Behind"  by Ken Hadfield ARPS of Northallerton CC

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September 2013

Our results from the 34th Northern Counties International

Looking at the results from our "34th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography", it is once again apparent that many of our members have met with success.  Whilst we celebrate some 204 acceptances across the six sections of the salon, no mean achievement in itself, this year we have once again a special reason to celebrate.

Osprey in the Mist

FIAP Gold Medal - Best Nature PDI in Salon
"Osprey in the Mist" by Jo McIntyre DPAGB of Dumfries CC

One of our members picked up one of the top awards, with the FIAP Gold Medal for the Best Nature PDI going to Jo McIntyre DPAGB of Dumfries CC for the shot "Osprey in the Mist".   Jo has a double reason to celebrate, also winning the Northumbria Trophy for the Best Nature Image by a Northern Counties worker (not receiving a higher medal) with "Osprey Fishing in a Scottish Loch".

Osprey Fishing in a Scottish Loch

Northumbria Trophy - Best Nature PDI Section
"Osprey Fishing in a Scottish Loch" by Jo McIntrye DPAGB of Dumfries CC

Well done Jo, a cracking pair of photographs.  Also in the Nature Section, our congratulations go to Ronnie Gilbert DPAGB, of Keswick PS, who was awarded a PSA Ribbon for his shot "Little Owl with Harvest Mouse".

See You Soon

Northumbria Trophy - Monochrome Print Section
"See You Soon" by Joe Grabham EFIAP of Durham PS

In the Monochrome Print Section an RPS Ribbon was awarded to Guy Davies ARPS EFIAP EPSA, of Stokesley PS for "Out of Season"  The Northumbria Trophy for the best entry by an NCPF worker (not given a higher award) went to Joe Grabham EFIAP of Durham PS for "See You Soon".

Autumn Walk

Northumbria Trophy - Colour Print Section
"Autumn Walk" by Edgar Beveridge LRPS of Sunderland PA

In ther Colour Prints Section we did not fair so well, with no general awards, but Edgar Beveridge LRPS, of Sunderland PA, is to be congratulated for being awarded the Northumbria Trophy for the best entry by and NCPF worker in the  Colour Print Section with his print "Autumn Walk".

Standing Firm

Northumbria Trophy - Open-Traditional PDI Section
"Standing Firm" by Andrew Nicholl of Whitley Bay PS

In the new PDI Section, "Open-Traditional", for images subject to no more than minimal manipulation, the Northumbria Trophy for the best entry by an NCPF worker went to Andrew Nicholl of Whitley Bay PS with "Standing Firm".  In this section though our congratulations must also go to Gordon Rae CPAGB, of Dumfries CC, for his photograph, "Raisng the Game" which was awarded the RPS Bronze Medal  for the Best Sport image.

Island of Lost Souls

NCPF Medal - Open-Creative PDI Section
"Island of Lost Souls" by Joe Grabham EFIAP of Durham PS

In the new "Open-Creative" Section, introduced to counter balance the Traditional Section, we do not yet have a Northumbria Trophy, so for now an NCPF Medal  has been awarded for the best image by a Northern Counties worker (not receiving a higher award).  This goes to Joe Grabham EFIAP, of Durham PS for "Island of Lost Souls", and he also won an NCPF Ribbon for his shot "The Woman Behind the Man".  In addition to this "Stookie and Blackie" by Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP DPAGB, also of Durham PS was given a  Judges Medal by Robert Fulton and Leo Palmer FRPS EFIAP FPSA MPSA, of Hexham PS, was awarded an NCPF Ribbon for his shot "Venice Eyes".

Village Life

Northumbria Trophy - Photo-Travel PDI Section
"Village Life" by Pax Garabedian EFIAP PPSA DPAGB of Carlisle CC

And finally, in the Travel Section our members met with further success, with Robert Fulton awarding a Judges Medal to John McVie AFIAP DPAGB,  of Dumfries CC for his shot "Monks at the Temple".  NCPF Ribbons were also awarded to Sheila Coates LRPS EFIAP DPAGB, of Northallerton CC, for her image entiteld "Temple View, Bryce" and to Guy Davies ARPS EFIAP EPSA, of Stokesley PS, for "Bone setter, Morocco".  It is especially pleasing though to see our President,  Pax Garabedian EFIAP PPSA DPAGB of Carlisle CC, being awarded the Northumbria Trophy for the best image by an NCPF worker for his photograph "Village Life".

Well done to all. In picture terms we have concentrated on our local awards but, if you want to see more, including the full lists of Awards and Acceptances, the Statistics and a Gallery of the all the  medal winners' photographs, then please go to the International Salon pages at:-

34th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography  

If you are interested in entering International Exhibitions and Salons but want to know more, go to our Knowledge Base it has a number of items that may be of interest to you. Also on our Links Page you will find links to both UK exhibition web sites and worldwide 'dowmload' facilities.


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August 2013

"Whickham PC Celebrate 40 Years"

Whickham Photographic Club (WPC) will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary this coming season. Based at Whickham Community Centre, the club has about 50 members of all ages and abilities and many members have received accolades for their work for example the "Port of Tyne Reflect 2012" winner, John Race, and runner up, George Holland.


"Dereliction"  by John Race of Whickham PC
winner of "Port of Tyne Reflect 2012" competition.

Meanwhile we are looking for former members of our club for a reunion to be held at:-
Whickham Community Centre, Front Street Whickham NE16 4JL
at 7.30pm on Friday 11th October 2013. 

Were you a member of the club in the past?  Do you have any old programmes, memorabillia or any stories from the early days? If so please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.
If you can come please let us know by the 4th October.

You can contact us by emailing Whickham's Publicity Officer For further information about the club you can go to our Club Web Site our visit our Facebook Page We look forward to hearing from you.

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JULY 2013

"Durham & Northallerton go to Warwick for NCPF"

On Saturday 13th July 2013 members of Durham PS and Northallerton CC travelled to Warwick to support their clubs, who were representing the Federation at the PAGB National PDI Club Championships being held at the University Arts Centre. They were pleased to enjoy the support of our President, Pax Garabedian, who also went down there to support them, as well as members from other NCPF Clubs.

The competition started with all the 36 clubs taking part entering the1st Round with 8 images each.  The images were marked by a panel of 3 judges, Libby Smith from SPF, Iren Froy from MCPF and Dave Gibbins from NEMPF, with scores ranging between 6 and a maximum of 15.  At the end of that round Durham had scores 93 points with Northallerton one point ahead with 94. The leading club, Wigan 10 had 107 points. 

2013 Warwick 01

"Swan Lake"  by Patricia Kearton LRPS CPAGB of Northallerton CC
awarded a maximum 15 points.

We then went on to a 2nd Round, again of a further 8 images each, the scores for which were added to those from the 1st Round to decide on the 8 clubs going through to the Final Round. At the end of this round Northallerton's total was 187 with Durham close behind on 183.  Whilst these scores were not enough for either club to reach the final round they were very creditable, placing them 13th and 21st respectively out of the 36 clubs competing.

Both clubs then went on to enter the Don Morrison Plate Competition for the 28 clubs that failed to reach the Final and again, whilst neither managed to come out winners, their marks were very creditable with some excellent individual results.

2013 Warwick 02

"Angst"  by Su Stewart of Durham PS
which was awarded 14 points.

The Plate competition was won by the Inn Focus PG  from the WCPF, and once again Wigan 10 came out as Champions in the main competition, with Chorley PS (also from L&CPU) 2nd and Smethwick PS sharing 3rd Place with the Arden Group, both from the MCPF.  What was clear was that everybody enjoyed a wonderful day's photography.  With over 400 club members present, and a raffle that included some fabulous prizes, the whole event was a hige success and our thanks got to all those involved.

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June 2013

"NCPF/Sony Event - Leeming House Hotel, Ullswater"

On Tuesday 4th June over 30 photographers from the NCPF and LCPU travelled to Leeming House Hotel on the shores of Ullswater to take part in a one day workshop sponsored by Sony Cameras. The weather was amazing, bright blue skies and what turned out to be the highest temperatures of the year so far.

The morning session started with a lecture by the ever popular Duncan McEwan whose demonstration on Vista and Detail covered many aspects of superb landscape, close up and creative observational photography, featuring the best of Scottish scenery. It is no wonder that his lectures and courses continue to be sell out events.


Duncan McEwan can be seen explaining some of the finer points of the equipment.

After a refreshment break there was a change of emphasis by Nick Webster a Sports Editorial photographer whose fascinating career covers, amongst many other things, auto electrical work for famous car names such as McLaren and working as the club photographer for Tottenham Hotspur. His distinctive style requires an element of daring in that he choses to capture many sporting events using 16mm wide angles as opposed to the "safe distance" used by traditional sports photographers who work from afar with telephoto lenses.

After enjoying an excellent lunch on the hotel terrace overlooking the length of Ullswater, delegates were split into two groups under the care of Duncan and Nick and allowed out to play with a full range of Sony cameras and lenses.


Members try out the cameras in the lakeside grounds of the hotel.

This is the first event of this type to be sponsored by Sony and we were privileged that they chose this area as a pilot due largely to the enthusiasm of the Carlisle Sony shop to work with their local photographers.

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June 2013

Success for the Third Year at Beamish

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June saw the NCPF Beamish Weekend prove to be a great success for the third year running. Helped by better weather, this years’ event which coincided with a ‘Georgian weekend’ staged by Beamish saw a good turnout of Federated Club members in search of that elusive photographic masterpiece. We were glad to see old friends there visiting individually or as part of a club outing, as well as making the acquaintance of photographers from across the UK.


The NCPF was also manning an Exhibition comprising of the three successful prints from last year’s Beamish Trophy Competition plus a selection of 60 successful prints from two International Photographic Exhibitions which come under its umbrella – namely The 33rd NCPF International Salon of Photography and the 5th Great British Small Print Circuit. Concurrent with the print exhibition was a projected display of winning images from last year’s NCPF Annual Competitions.


This proved popular and attendance exceeded that of the two previous 2 years put together.  We extend our sincere thanks to Beamish for making these facilities available.


Our thanks also to all those Federated Club members, their families and friends who supported this event. We hope that your photographic results live up to your expectations and that we will be seeing them entered in the Beamish Trophy Competition, which is to be Judged at Washington on 25th October this year. 

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May 2013

"Ten NCPF Members Rewarded by FIAP"

Each year the PAGB is allowed to submit one batch of applications by members for FIAP Distinctions. This year ten of our members made applications and in every case they were successful.

There are a total of seven different awards granted by FIAP to recognise exhibitors' success when entering International Exhibtions sponspored by FIAP.  The awards have a rising scale of criteria to be met to qualify for a distinction, involving gaining ever larger numbers of acceptances, from an increasing number of different pictures.  These acceptances have to be from set minima of different salons in different countries.

fiap awards 1

"Mutton Busting, Montana Style" by John Macfarlane AFIAP, Keswick PS (left)
and "Bright Eyes" by John Spittle AFIAP, Morton PS

The first award is for AFIAP (Artist-FIAP) which requires entrants to have at least 30 acceptances from at least 10 different photographs and in this category we are pleased to congratulate three members: John Macfarlane AFIAP (Keswick PS),  John Spittle AFIAP (Morton PS), and Jed Wee AFIAP (Durham PS), who each made successful applications.

fiap awards 2

"Time Stands Still" by Bob Shanks EFIAP, Gateshead CC (left)
and "Handing off" by Jed Wee AFIAP, Durham PS

The next level of award is for EFIAP (Excellence-FIAP) and in this category we are celebrating success by five members of Federation clubs: Joe Grabham EFIAP and Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP (both of Durham PS), Alan Porrett ARPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB (Whitley Bay PS), Bob Shanks EFIAP (Gateshead CC) and Bob Turner ARPS EFIAP (Hexham & Dist PS).   In this case they each needed to gain at least 150 acceptances from at least 50 different photographs.

fiap awards 3

"Neglected" by Alan Porrett ARPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB, Whitley Bay PS (left)
and "Whatever the Weather" by Robert Turner ARPS EFIAP, Hexham & Dist PS

After the EFIAP exhibitors can go on to aim for four more awards, called collectively EFIAP Levels. They are, in rising order:-  'Bronze', 'Silver', 'Gold' and 'Platinum'.  This year two of our members gained success in these categories.  Tony Potter ARPS EFIAP/g MPSA DPAGB APAGB (West Cumbria PG) was awarded EFIAP Gold.  This involved him achieving at least 300 acceptances in addition to those gained for AFIAP and EFIAP from a total of not less than 100 different photographs. No mean achievment.  That makes him only the 3rd NCPF member to gain this level of award.

fiap awards 4

"Widower" by Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP, Durham PS (top)
and "A Bird in the Hand" by Joe Grabham EFIAP, Durham PS

The final award for Northern Counties members went to Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p APSA EPSA MPAGB APAGB (Northallerton CC), who has become only the second NCPF member to gain EFIAP Platinum, the highest of the FIAP awards. This requires a minimum of 600 acceptances from at least 200 differnt photographs.

fiap awards 5

"Waiting for the Barber" by Tony Potter ARPS EFIAP/g MPSA DPAGB APAGB,
West Cumbria PG (left) and "Morning Light, Wahweap Hoodoos" by
Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p APSA EPSA MPAGB APAGB, Northallerton CC

Following on from recent PAGB Awards in April these results are excellent news for the Federation and all are to be congratulated on their outstanding success.  These awards are not easily come by but, by their numbers alone, they are evidence of the richness of talent in the federation. I suspect that most of them will have started out by entering one of our own Internatioanl Exhibitions, The Great British Small Prints Circuit, The Solway Salon, or the Northern Counties International Salon (entries for which are currently open for this year's event).

If you are interested in trying your hand at exhibiting and want to know more why not go to the "Knowledge Base" page on this web site, where there are items about this subject including one designed to help anyone "Starting Out on the Exhibition Trail".   Better still got to the "International Exhibition" pages and support your own federation's event by entering the forthcoming "Northern Counties Salon" you'll even get a discount as an NCPF member.


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April 2013

"Morpeth come out Top in Northern Area Themed PDI Competition"

The Northern Area Projected Image Themed Competition between the seven Northern Area Clubs was held on Sunday 7th April 2013. Wooler & District Camera Club were the hosts and the judge was Jane Black ARPS, FPSA, Hon. PAGB.

The winning club was Morpeth with a score of 250 points. In 2nd place was Amble with 246 points, 3rd place was Blyth with 245 points, 4th place was Alnwick with 244 points, 5th place was Ashington with 240 points and 6th place was Wooler with 214. Cambois did not submit an entry.

Northern Area comp2

"Cheviot Stile" by Barry Robertson   of Alnwick & District CC (left) and
by Roy Williamson of Ashington Co-op CC  

Congratulations to Morpeth for their well deserved win and commiserations to everyone else as the scoring was very tight between the other placings. Four Images entitled "Cheviot Stile" by Barry Robertson of Alnwick CC, "Balustrades" by Roy Williamson of Ashington Co-op CC, along with two from Blyth PS; "Stag in Winter" by Jim Welsh and "Walk on the Wild Side" by Peter Yearnshire all attained the highest score of 30 points. Congratulations to all of those club members.


"Walk on the Wild Side" by Peter Yearnshire (top) and
"Stag in Winter" by Jim Welsh both of Blyth PS

This was the last Interclub event of the season and was well attended by all the clubs that took part. Our thanks go to Jane Black for her comments and the members of Wooler & District CC for providing an excellent home cooked buffet afterwards.

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April 2013

"Three NCPF members gained PAGB Awards"

At the recent Adjudication Day for PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit, three of our members gained success with their submissions.  The event was hosted by the Midland Counties PF and was held at Bromsgrove over the weekend of Sat/Sun 20/21st April this year.

From Ryton & District CC, Keith Archer CPAGB,  submitted a panel of 10 Prints and was awarded the PAGB's Credit Award (CPAGB). He was one of 36 entrants from around the country of which 31 were successful.  The recognised standard for the Credit Award is ten photographs that are up to good class class club photography.


"The Eyes Have It!"  by Keith Archer CPAGB of Ryton & District CC

From over on the western side Alan Walker ARPS EFIAP DPAGB, from West Cumbria Photo Group, chose to go for the Distinction (DPAGB) award in Projected Digital Images. He chose right and he was granted DPAGB to replace his Credit award.  To gain this award you need fifteen photographs that are to exhibition standard.


"Golden Eagle and Hare" by Alan Walker of West Cumbria PG

Finally from Northallerton CC, Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB sought instead to gain her Distinction awards with prints, and again she was successful in her quest.  There were some 48 applicants for the Distinction Award, of which 22 were successful.


"A Biting Chance" by Patricia Kearton of Northallerton CC

That is a rather nice scattering across the Federation area and bearing in mind the Adjudication was held in the Midlands a credit to the Federation and its members.  The standard required for these awards demands a great deal of effort on the part of applicants and all three are to be congratulated for their success. 


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April 2013

First Results from 2013 NCPF Annual Competitions

Subject to ratification we are able to announce the headline results from this year's 2013 NCPF Annual Competitions.  Once the full details are available from the Competitions Sub-Committee we will as usual publish the full results including our "Gallery of Award Winners".  

This years Judges were, Peter Young AFIAP CPAGB APAGB (MCPF), Bob Collins AFIAP (SPF) Simon Allen MPAGB EFIAP (NCPF) and for the Beginners, Jim Welsh LRPS CPAGB, (NCPF). They had the unenviable task of selecting the trophy winners from amongst thousands of entries as well as marking them all. 

We thank them for their efforts along with the selectors from our own Federation who then went on to select our entries into the various PAGB Alliance Competitions and for the Selectors' Choice Portfolios.


Joan Rooker Trophy
Overall Best photograph in the Annual Competitions Hazel Marr (Dumfries CC)
"Through the Mists"


Corder Trophy
Best Club Entry
1st   Tynemouth PS
2nd   Dumfries CC
3rd    Sunderland PA
Federation Challenge Trophy
Best Individual Entry
1st    Thomas Eaton (Tynemouth PS)
         "Artic Tern"
Stan Bewick Trophy
Best Club Entry
1st     Northallerton CC
2nd    Dumfries
3rd=   Durham PS & Keswick PS
Wier Trophy
Best Individual Enrty
1st   Jeff Evans (Whitley Bay PS)
         "Western Isles"
Monochrome or Colour
Ken Henderson Trophy
Best Human Portrait
John Johnstone (Gateshead CC)
Norman Jeffcoat Trophy
Best Landscape
Guy Davies (Stokesley PS)
"Fields & Farm Palouse"
Bill Grear Trophy
Best Creative
Mark Illingworth (Cramlington CC)
"Wiccam Night"
Alf Shoebottom Trophy
Best Nature
John Webster (Northallerton CC)
"Tawny Owl"
Robert Chalmers Trophy
Best in Beginners' Section
1st    Stephen Ross (Dumfries CC)
2nd   Les Fraser (Dumfries CC)
         "Kirkton in Winter"
3rd    Vic Shadforth (Ricmond CC)
          "The Cloister"
Myles Audas Memorial Trophy -
Best Club Entry
1st     Dumfries CC
2nd    Durham PS
3rd=   Keswick PS & Northallerton CC
Diamond Trophy -
Best Individual Enrty
1st    Hazel Marr (Dumfries CC)
         "Through the Mists"
2nd   Bill Doherty (Ashington Co-op CC)
         "Catch of the Day"
3rd     Olive Robertson (Hexham & Dist PS)
          "Cape Blanco"
Bryan Gilbert Trophy
Best Human Portrait
Joe Grabham (Durham PS)
Thomas Bates Trophy
Best Landscape
Henrietta Byrne (Richmond CC)
"Ghostly Rowans"
Hilton Trophy
Best Creative
Joe Grabham (Durham PS)
"Island of Lost Souls"
Vickers Trophy
Best Nature
Patricia Kearton (Northallerton CC)
"Japanese Macaque Grooming"
Jane Black Trophy
Best in Beginners' Section
1st   Nick Browne (Richmond CC)
        "Dawn Gathering"
2nd   Leo Douglas (Gateshead CC)
         "Lindisfarne Castle Winter Sunrise"
3rd    Susan MacKirdy (Ryton & Dist CC)

Congratulations to all those who met with success and our thanks to everybody else who entered for ensuring a successful and rewarding competition.  Finally we must also offer a sincere vote of thanks to our Competitions Organiser, Malcolm Kus and his team of officers and volunteers.

NB:- Every effort is being made to return Print entries to clubs as soon as possible, but his may take some time. Also please be aware that there may be a number of entries retained as either, a) they have been selected for the Alliance Competitions or, b) they are required for copying for one of the two NCPF Portfolios. Again these will be returned to clubs as soon as practicable.

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