IMPORTANT NOTICE Annual Club Championships 2015



on Sunday 15th February 2015

 You will recall that we experienced some difficulties during the initial stages of calling this competition due to the NCPF Website being hacked and because a late change of venue was forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control.

The two have combined to give us a further problem. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of clubs intending to compete; there are 22 Clubs who have submitted entries, a welcome increase over 2014. This, coupled with the fact that the Hall at Beacon Lough is licenced for an audience of 120, means that you don’t have to have a Maths degree to work out that we have a problem.

We very much regret having to ask competing Clubs if they could possibly limit the number of members who will attend the Competition to a Maximum of 5 per Club. We appreciate your cooperation towards helping us to have a successful and safe competition involving this increased number of Clubs.

A reminder of the timing:

12.00 Doors open for Organising Team

13.00 Doors open for competing Clubs

13.30 Entries for Prints, ALL PRINTS MUST BE HANDED IN BY 2.00

14.20 President opens proceedings

Coffee/Tea will be available during the interval around 16:00. We regret that it will not be possible to provide food, please bring along your own sandwiches if you will need refreshments.



Many thanks,

Fred Wright

Club Championship Officer