NCPF Diary

This diary contains headline details of events and functions being organised by the Federation, its clubs, the PAGB and RPS. Together with other events that may be of interest for Photographers.

Where the information has been supplied to us about items contained in the Diary we have placed a link to that information against that entry. Additionally you can find out more information and details about functions and other events organised by the Federation via the following link: NCPF Programme

Month Week Day
August 2017
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
31/07/2017 01/08/2017

Category: GeneralN/A: Durham PS Annual Exhibition

N/A: Durham PS Annual Exhibition
02/08/2017 03/08/2017 04/08/2017

Category: GeneralN/A: Edinburgh Festival Fringe

N/A: Edinburgh Festival Fringe
05/08/2017 06/08/2017
07/08/2017 08/08/2017 09/08/2017 10/08/2017 11/08/2017 12/08/2017 13/08/2017
14/08/2017 15/08/2017 16/08/2017 17/08/2017

Category: GeneralN/A: Hexham PS Exhibition

N/A: Hexham PS Exhibition
18/08/2017 19/08/2017 20/08/2017
21/08/2017 22/08/2017 23/08/2017 24/08/2017 25/08/2017 26/08/2017 27/08/2017
28/08/2017 29/08/2017 30/08/2017 31/08/2017 01/09/2017 02/09/2017 03/09/2017

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