Davy Bolam of Morpeth CC Awarded APAGB



At Morpeth Methodist Church, on Tuesday 10th November, Davy Bolam was presented with an Award from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (APAGB) for Meritorious Service by the National body to who MCC is affiliated, through the Northern Counties Photographic Federation (NCPF).

 Extracts from the presentation speech by Life President of Morpeth Camera Club, Vince Rooker, DPAGB, EFIAP, APAGB prior to the Club’s Big Event Evening on 10th November, 2015


“Each organisation needs workers, some do more than others, and some are exceptional. We have one such worker in the audience tonight.  It is easy for a club to say “Well done!” to an individual, but that can soon be forgotten in the ‘rough and tumble’ of club life.  In 1984, the PAGB Committee realised that, as well as awards for photographic excellence, something else was needed to commend individuals, who do more than is normal to maintain our great hobby without participation in competitions outside the boundaries of their individual club.  They began making individual awards to individuals for Meritorious Service, not by giving a financial reward, but by permitting them to display the letters APAGB after their name, for all time, together and a pin to wear, commemorating the event.  Since 1984, only 504 such awards have been given in Great Britain, and their names are recorded in the annual PAGB Handbook.

So far, only two members of Morpeth Club can claim APAGB.  I happen to be one; the other was my late wife, Joan.  We received the award for work outside the club, either in the NCPF, or outside in the UK, for organising events for other photographers.

There are of course, many people who give years of service to one club, but rarely show themselves outside in the wider photographic world.  The PAGB recognise this, and in exceptional cases will give an award to such individuals, but it is not easily gained. Tonight, I have the privilege of presenting this award to another Morpeth member.

Long service is obviously a pre requisite, and with over 30 years of continuous membership, this certainly applies.  Whenever volunteer organisers are needed to maintain the club, he is always involved; indeed he has organised Club and Interclub competitions for many years with great success; on occasion taking the Club to compete nationally against others in the United Kingdom.  With the introduction of the Internet, he has transformed an embryo M.C.C. website, into one which is nationally appreciated.  His work does not stop at the close of the club season. For a number of years, he has organised summer walks and events for members’ photographic opportunities.  By now, you will have probably realised that I am describing Davy Bolam.

Davy Bolam APAGB, will you please come forward to receive the Certificate and Badge as the latest recipient of the Photographic Alliance Award for Meritorious Service’.”

Recently retired, Davy is a Morpeth resident, not only contributing to MCC, but also active in the Community and various local charities.