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The Federation maintains the NCPF Lecturers’ and Judges’ Lists for the benefit of affiliated Clubs and their Members.  These are published annually in the NCPF Directory and biannually in  the PAGB Handbook.  Copies of these publications are circulated to all club secretaries.

Please ensure that these volunteers are treated with courtesy by following the guidelines set out below.

1.   Initial contact may be made with the Lecturer/Judge by telephone but written confirmation must be sent without delay, including a stamped addressed envelope for the reply.

2.   At the time of booking ascertain whether the Lecturer will be using any expensive consumable materials during the lecture & whether the Lecturer may require the host society to supply equipment &/or materials. Also confirm estimated charges & expenses plus any other considerations at that time (see 6 & 7 below).

3.   At the time of booking the Club must ensure there is clarity about what is expected of the Lecturer or Judge. Except under the most exceptional circumstances a visitor should not arrive at a club to find he is being asked to carry out additional tasks; eg a lecturer being asked to judge a competition.

4.   The host societies syllabus must include the Lecturer’s/Judge’s name, photographic distinctions if any & the Lecturer’s/Judge’s own club name. This infers that, apart from emergencies, all guests should be booked before the start of the season.

5.   A reminder must be sent to the Lecturer/Judge two weeks before the appointment including an easy to read map showing the venue with parking areas noted along with an emergency name & contacts telephone number.


(A)   General A Lecturer/Judge MUST BE FULLY REIMBURSED for all travelling expenses including full standard rail fare, bus and/or taxi if required. If a private vehicle is used he/she is entitled to be paid the full cost of petrol PLUS a charge of up to 30p per mile. By agreement at the time of booking lecturers may claim for the cost of a meal and/or overnight accommodation.

(B)   Lecturers Any consumable material costs AS AGREED AT THE TIME OF THE BOOKING must be fully reimbursed. A Lecturer may make a charge for the depreciation of expensive equipment used in the lecture to cover wear & tear up to a maximum of £10, and in addition may charge for the wear & tear of the prints & slides, to a maximum of £5.00.

(C)   Judges If a Judge is asked to assess your society’s pictures at his/her home, the entries must be delivered at the society’s expense & at the Judge’s convenience ensuring that there will be someone to receive them if sent by a carrier Where a taped commentary is requested a BRAND NEW tape must be provided to avoid problems that a used tape can cause. If the Judge is asked to return the entries to the club by a carrier then all costs incurred must be fully reimbursed. Where applicable, a charge may be made to cover the wear and tear of the judges’ own projector and tape recorder to a maximum of £10.

7.   HOSPITALITY:     The host society must look after the well-being of their guest. As agreed at the time of booking he/she must be met, helped with equipment into & out of the society’s premises. The guest must also be offered a meal before or after the appointment if appropriate & where the travelling distance does not permit a return home the same evening then accommodation at the host society’s expense must be provided.

8.   GENERAL:     Remember that the Lecturer/Judge gives his/her preparation, travel & lecture time freely. The host society must ensure that their guest is FULLY REIMBURSED before departure & that no embarrassment must be caused to their guest by omission on this point. Before the lecturer/Judge is initially approached the Club Secretary should have made a budget estimate of likely costs so that at the time of both parties is not wasted by assuming that the costs will be less than those outlined above & therefore not proceeding with the making of the appointment.

9.   LETTER     Whilst it is normal practice to propose a vote of thanks to the Lecturer/Judge at the end of the meeting, it is nevertheless only courteous to confirm those thanks in a letter a few days after the appointment. This shows very clearly to the guest that his/her efforts have been fully appreciated

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