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The Results of the 2014 NCPF Annual Club Championships are now to hand.

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The Annual Clubs Championship is one of the major competition events organised by the Federation for its member clubs and is held each year to find the top projected image and print clubs in the NCPF. It is a competition for club entries not individuals.

All affiliated Clubs are entitled to enter the competition and entry is FREE to all members of clubs affiliated to the NCPF. Each club selects its entry from pictures submitted by its own members. There are separate competitions for Projected Digital Images and for Prints.

The Print Competition and the Projected Digital Image Competition are two separate competitions that will decide separately which two Clubs will go forward to represent our Federation at Warwick in the PDI and Connah’s Quay in the prints.

If any club wishes to use any number of the same images in Prints and PDI, it is their prerogative.

The two Competitions will be judged by the three same Judges selected from the NCPF Judges’ list. In each section the pictures from all the competing clubs are shown to the judges. An electronic scoring machine is used and each judge can award from 2 to 5 marks to each picture. Therefore the scoring range for a picture can score is from 6 to 15.

There is one round only for each section (Prints and PDI), in which participating Clubs are required to enter 20 photographs in each Section they are entering.  The club achieving the highest score is the winner. Arrangements have been made to deal a tied result without resorting to a ‘tie break’ round. The top two clubs in the PDI event are invited to represent the Federation in the P.A.G.B. National Slide Finals at Warwick usually held in July each year. The top two print clubs are invited to the P.A.G.B. National Print Finals, this event held at Connah’s Quay in October.

The event takes place in front of an audience. Members are invited to attend as spectators. It is an opportunity to see the top pictures from around the area.


For pictures and news of the 2014 Competition please refer to the “News Item”.

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