Club Championship Gallery 2017

Best Print Beached Iceberg by Keith Snell KeswickPS
Best PDI “Snow Hare Scrambling For Food” by Rosamund McFarlane Keswick PS

Keswick PS Winners of the 2017 Club Championship Print Competition 

With The Following Entry

“A Helping Trunk ” by John Macfarlane
“Beached Iceberg” by Keith Snell
“Bison in Winter” by Carol Minks
“Dipper with Insects” by Carol Minks
“Evening Light – Cul Mor” by John Macfarlane
“Oystercatcher Clearing an Egg shell” by Tony Marsh
“Protecting His Fish” by Alan Walker
“Snowfield’ by Keith Snell
“Stowe Gardens” by Julie Walker
“The Chinese Bridge” by Tony Marsh
“The Mad Commuter” by Alan Walker
“The Pearls” by Keith Snell
“White Tailed Eagles Fighting” by Ronnie Gilbert
“Wolves at Play” by Julie Walker
“Modesty” by Alan Walker
“The She Warrior” by Alan Walker
“Egret Family” by Julie Walker
“Off The Ground” by Julie Walker
“Polar Bear On Ice” by Keith Snell
“Cuckoo Dispute” by Ronnie Gilbert

Keswick PS Winners of the 2017 Club Championship PDI Competition

With The Following Entry

“After The Snowstorm” by Julie Walker
“Fairy Pools” by Ken Rennie
“Fighting Stallions” by Julie Walker
“Flying High” by Ronnie Gilbert
“For The Want of a Nail” by Mike Kidd
“Gallery of Stripes” by Julie Walker
“Ice Cave With Figure” by John Macfarlane
‘Jokulsarlon at Night” by Keith Snell
“Last Leaves of Autumn” by Ronnie Gilbert
“Lone Tree” by Carol Minks
“Mr Whizzy Off Duty” by Alan Walker
“My Precious” by Alan Walker
“Red Crowned Cranes Courtship” by Ronnie Gilbert
‘Skogafoss Waterfall” by Rosamund Macfarlane
“Snow Hare Scrabbling for Food” by Rosamund Macfarlane
“Sparrowhawk and Jay Confrontation” by Carol Minks
“Stormy Seas” by Keith Snell
“The Guard” by Alan Walker
“Three Against One” by Alan Walker
“We’ve Been Framed” by Carole Waterhouse

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