Beamish Trophy Results

This year’s competition was hosted by Winlaton CC, and saw the introduction of pdi into the competition for the first time.

With an entry of 24 pdi and 13 prints. The three judges were Peter Yearnshire LRPS . Pax Garabedian DPAGB ,EFIAP, PPSA and from Beamish Museum Julian Harrop .

The result for the pdi was joint 2nd place Westgate Rd, Victoria pier by Margaret Welsh of Blyth PS, and “The storeman” by George hodgson of Durham PS and in first “Making scones” by George Hodgson. the prints result “I’m not one to gossip” by George Hodgson, and George was 2nd place with “Morning light” and in first place “Beamish train driver” by John Smith of Gateshead CC . The overall winning images was “Beamish train driver” by John Smith .

Big thanks must go to Winlaton for allowing the NCPF to host the competition on their club night and to the three judges and ncpf members for entering this competition.

Tanfield Train  Driver (1)


“Beamish train driver” by John Smith 

Making scones-

“Making scones” by George Hodgson