NCPF Federation Areas

As the Federation developed over the years, it was found that our large geographical area could lead to problems in running the whole as a homogeneous unit. It was decided to create six geographical areas, so as to enable the Federation to support more localised activities, whilst maintaining its core events and competitions as well. 

These Areas are as follows:-

North Tyne Area

Northern Area

Southern Area

South Tyne Area

Weir Area

Western Area

Each Area was envisaged to have it’s own small committee designed to run it’s own affairs, whilst at the same time being supported, where necessary by the Federation’s resorces. Each area appoints an Area Representative, who sits on the Federation Executive. For contact details of your Area Representative, go to:- >> Executive Members

The reality is that the needs of each Area vary and each has developed in its own way. The Western Area has, possibly because of its geographical isolation, grown into a self financing, self contained unit with its own elected committee and constitution, which organises not only Area Competitions, but also Lectures and Workshops. The Southern Area on the other hand, because it’s territory matches that of another locally organised association, the North Yorkshire & South Durham PA (NYSD), has no committee and little activity other than the Area Representative acting as a contact point for its clubs.

In between other Areas also vary, but generally have a small committee, chaired by their Area Representative, which organises annual competitions within its own Area. For information about Area events go to:- >> NCPF Diary

The NCPF web site welcomes items of news (including pictures) from Areas, which can be about their organised events, about club acitivities or items of personal interest that may be of interest to others. Any such items will be posted on the ‘News Items’ menu in the right hand column, for this go to:- >> News Items

The distribution of clubs to those six Areas is as follows:-

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