Annual Club Championships 2015-16

NCPF Clubs/Societies are invited to enter one or both of the two competitions, Prints and PDI. There is no charge for entry, but as the Church has a limited capacity, we may have to ask Clubs to limit the number who attend – this will depend on the number of Clubs who enter and we will advise any limits in due course.

Prints must be handed in to the organisers on arrival on the day by the time indicated below. PDI are required before the competition closing date for submission, as below. We would draw Clubs’ attention to the file size for the PDI, where the resolution should be 1400×1050 (for portrait orientations the vertical size should not exceed 1050), with a maximum file size of 800KB.

Please note that the closing date also applies to the projected representations of the Prints, to allow us to project these for the benefit of the audience. Digital images of the prints are only required for audience display and are NOT used for judging, the resolution is not critical but the maximum file size should follow the above guideline.

‘On-the-day’ the proceedings will start as follows:
12.00 Doors open for Organising Team
13.00 Doors open for competing Clubs
13.30 Entries for Prints, ALL PRINTS MUST BE HANDED IN BY 2.00
14.20 President opens proceedings

Coffee/Tea will be available during the interval around 16:00. We regret that it will not be possible to provide food, please bring along your own sandwiches. The full timetable for the day will be available from the NCPF website.
Clubs in order of merit will be invited to represent the NCPF in the PAGB inter-club PDI and Print Championships.
It is not necessary to pre-register for the competitions(s), but knowing that your Club intends to compete, and is willing to represent NCPF in the PAGB Championships should you be successful, will help us to plan the day and organise the event. Please advise the Competition Officer (Club Championship) by email if you intend to enter.
The closing date for entry forms and the images for projection to be emailed to the Competition Officer (Club Championship) is 24th January 2016. You are requested to ensure that your forms and projected image files are correct and list the images in the order that they will be displayed. Please note that only email submissions will be accepted. We will acknowledge receipt of your entry, if you don’t hear from us it may be that your email has not reached us, so please look for the acknowledgement as evidence of receipt.

Click here for Print Entry Forms Click here for PDI Entry Forms Click here for Print Rules of entry Click here for PDI rules of entry