Alan Spoors Awarded APAGB

Our congratulations go to Alan Spoors of Ryton CC on his award of the APAGB.

It was with great pleasure that we were able to present the APAGB Award for Meritorious Service to Alan Spoors of Ryton & District Camera Club on 16th February 2016. The presentation was made by Alan McCormick ARPS, Vice-President of the NCPF.

Alan is one of the longest serving members Ryton & District Camera Club having been a continual member of for about forty years. He has held the role of Treasurer continuously since 1992 during which time he has also served two terms as Chairman of the club. Alan is also a representative on the Ryton Community Centre Management Committee where the club meets.

Alan has always been very active in all Club activities, in photographic terms and also in practical ways. He would always be busy not only in simple tasks such as setting out chairs and equipment, but also in building equipment (such as the print light box and the print display stands) and looking after the decoration and fabric of the building. Basically, if you want something done you know you can always ask Alan.

Although Alan is not listed as an NCPF Lecturer, he has lectured with David Richardson at a great many Clubs throughout the NCPF, latterly with the shows entitled “Incredible India” and “Three Photographers in Venice”. Though those shows are listed under David’s name and he deals with the bookings, the content is as much by Alan and Frank Manfredi as by David, and this is always made clear when the shows are presented.

He has done many other shows at various Clubs over the years, including shows on Kenya and Thailand.

He also is very active in showing wider audiences what photography is all about, regularly presenting shows at places such as WI meetings, the U3A and Brunswick Methodist Church.

Congratulations to Alan for this well earned recognition.


Stephen Fowler
Ryton & District Camera Club